New Comics #1 (Dec. 1935):
“The Secret Cruise: Part 1”
by Clem Gretter

New Comics #1

Title: “The Secret Cruise: Part 1”

Feature: Ray and Gail

Medium: comic

Cover date: Dec. 1935

Publisher: DC
Written by: Clem Gretter
Art by: Clem Gretter

Number of Pages: 2

7 characters in this story:

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Pub. #
Ray Coeval Ray Coeval
(lead character)
lead character
  [Gail Coveal's twin; invited by friend on round-world cruise] DC 8
Gail Coeval Gail Coeval
(lead character)
lead character
  [went with twin Ray on round-the-world cruise] DC 8
John Coeval supporting character
  [deceased father of twins Ray and Gail] DC 1
Mary Coeval supporting character
  [deceased mother of twins Ray and Gail] DC 1
Willie Gewgaw supporting character
  [Ray Coveal's friend; invited him on cruise around world] DC 1
Captain Bill Gewgaw
supporting character villain
  [brought son's twin friends on round-the-world cruise] DC 2
Sir Ghaut
supporting character villain
  [owned ship Gail and Ray worked on] DC 2