Justice League of America (vol. 1) #49 (Nov. 1966):
“Threat of the True-or-False Sorceror!”
by Gardner F. Fox, Mike Sekowsky, Sid Greene

Justice League of America (vol. 1) #49

Title: “Threat of the True-or-False Sorceror!”

Medium: comic

Cover date: Nov. 1966

Publisher: DC
Written by: Gardner F. Fox
Art by: Mike Sekowsky, Sid Greene

11 characters in this story:

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Pub. #
Abaddon the Destroyer supporting character
CBR Scale: D fallen angel turned demon
[] DC 10
The Troll villain
  [] DC 1
The Leprechaun villain
  [] DC 1
Karkus the Kobold villain
  [] DC 1
Cacodemon villain
  [] DC 1
The Sylphides villain group
  [] DC 1
The Dryads villain group
  [] DC 1
Perry the Persian Peri villain
  [] DC 1
Cernunnos the Stag-God villain deity
CBR Scale: D Celtic pagan deity
[] DC 1
Djinn villain
  [] DC 1
The Justice League The Justice League hero group
  [] DC 217