New Fun #4 (May 1935):
untitled “2023: Super Police” feature
by Ken Fitch, Clem Gretter

New Fun #4

Feature: 2023: Super Police

Medium: comic

Cover date: May 1935

Publisher: DC
Written by: Ken Fitch
Art by: Clem Gretter

Number of Pages: 1

5 characters in this story:

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Pub. #
Rex Cosmos Rex Cosmos
(lead character)
  Super Police
[star of sci-fi strip set in 2023]
DC 15
Super Police Super Police supporting character group
  [police force] DC 1
Professor Stanley Professor Stanley supporting character scientist
  Super Police
[invented Hi-Lo (a stratoplane-submarine)]
DC 11
Joan Stanley Joan Stanley supporting character
  Super Police
[the professor's daughter]
DC 11
Axel Yoke Axel Yoke supporting character
  Super Police
[cowardly; easily intimidated]
DC 15

Reprints of this comic:
The Big Book of Fun Comics (Nov. 1935): "2023: Super Police"

This comic is also known as: New Fun: The Big Fun Comic Magazine #4 or New Fun Comics #4.