Untold Tales of Spider-Man #12 (Aug. 1996):
“The Secrets of Betty Brant!”
by Kurt Busiek, Pat Olliffe, Al Vey, Pam Eklund

Untold Tales of Spider-Man #12

Title: “The Secrets of Betty Brant!”

Medium: comic

Cover date: Aug. 1996

Publisher: Marvel
Written by: Kurt Busiek
Art by: Pat Olliffe, Al Vey, Pam Eklund

18 characters in this story:

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Pub. #
Spider-Man Spider-Man (Peter Parker)
(lead character)
hero scientist
CBR Scale: I Protestant
Secret Defenders; Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends...  Marvel 10,664
Betty Brant Betty Brant
(lead character)
supporting character
CBR Scale: I Students of Love (temporary)
[former girlfriend of Peter Parker (Spider-Man)] Marvel 612
Aunt May Aunt May supporting character
CBR Scale: S Protestant
[raised Peter Parker (Spider-Man)] Marvel 1,368
J. Jonah Jameson J. Jonah Jameson supporting character
CBR Scale: M hates Spider-Man
[Peter Parker's boss; Spider-Man's denouncer] Marvel 1,719
Venom Flash Thompson supporting character
CBR Scale: I Alcoholics Anonymous
U.S. Army Marvel 718
Vulture Vulture (Adrian Toomes) villain
  Sinister Six; Sinister Twelve Marvel 342
Bluebird Bluebird (Sally Avril) hero
  [1st app: Amazing Fantasy (vol. 1) #15 (Aug. 1962)] Marvel 25
Bennett Brant Bennett Brant supporting character villain
[Betty Brant's older brother]
Marvel 28
Eleonore Brant supporting character
  [Betty Brant's mother] Marvel 3
Blackie Gaxton supporting character
  [gangster] Marvel 2
Scarlet Beetle villain
CBR Scale: D uplifted animal
[giant intelligent insect]
Marvel 6
Jason Ionello Jason Ionello supporting character
  Midtown High School
[designed Bluebird's costume, weapons]
Marvel 40
Giant-Man Ant-Man (Hank Pym)
hero scientist
CBR Scale: U atheist
Commission on Superhuman Activities; Secret Defenders...  Marvel 1,543
Montana Montana (Jackson W. Brice)
  Hood's Army; The Enforcers Marvel 86
Fancy Dan Fancy Dan (Dan Brito)
  Hood's Army; The Enforcers Marvel 85
Ox Ox (Raymond Bloch)
  Fellowship of Fear; The Enforcers Marvel 20
Gordon Savinsky
  Mafia Marvel 3
Doctor Octopus Doctor Octopus (Otto Octavius)
(only on cover)
villain hero scientist
  Sinister Six; The Masters of Evil...  Marvel 1,006