Hel on Ice #1 (2006)
by Marc Nordstrom, A.K. Smith, Aaron Farmer

Hel on Ice #1

Medium: comic

Cover date: 2006

Publisher: B-Minus Comiks
Written by: Marc Nordstrom, A.K. Smith
Art by: Aaron Farmer

1 characters in this story:

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Pub. #
Ms. Monster Ms. Monster
(lead character)
hero based on a real person
  [TV host] B-Minus Comiks 16

Hel on Ice #1 is the comic book that introduced Ms. Monster. We have not found concrete information which precisely identifies the year in which this comic book was originally published. The earliest reference we can find for it is 2006, but it is possible the comic was published before 2006. The official website of the comic's publisher (B-Minus Comiks) has a page for this comic. That page has been online since at least 13 June 2006, which is the date of the earliest snapshot for the page that can be found via (see for: