Darkhawk #32 (Oct. 1993):
“Savage Return”
by Danny Fingeroth, Tod Smith, Ian Akin, Mick Gray

Darkhawk #32

Title: “Savage Return”

Medium: comic

Cover date: Oct. 1993

Publisher: Marvel
Written by: Danny Fingeroth
Art by: Tod Smith, Ian Akin, Mick Gray

9 characters in this story:

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Pub. #
Darkhawk Darkhawk (Chris Powell)
(lead character)
  League of Losers; Loners...  Marvel 180
Broderick Bazin Broderick Bazin supporting character
  [son of mob boss Philippe Bazin] Marvel 4
Headset Headset (Steve Rubino) supporting character
  [close friend of Chris Powell (Darkhawk)] Marvel 17
Grace Powell Grace Powell supporting character
  [Darkhawk's mother; assistant district attorney] Marvel 44
Jason Powell Jason Powell supporting character
  [Darkhawk's brother] Marvel 43
Jonathan Powell Jonathan Powell supporting character
  [Darkhawk's brother] Marvel 41
Savage Steel Savage Steel villain
  The Cabal Marvel 10
Savage Steel Savage Steel (Officer Jimmy Zafar) supporting character hero
  NYPD; The Cabal Marvel 11
Latverian terrorists
villain group
CBR Scale: D Latverian ultra-nationalists
[extremists; planned to blow up Empire State Building] Marvel 1