Fallen Angels #4 (July 1987):
“A Devil Among the Angels!”
by Jo Duffy, Kerry Gammill, Val Mayerik

Fallen Angels #4

Title: “A Devil Among the Angels!”

Medium: comic

Cover date: July 1987

Publisher: Marvel
Written by: Jo Duffy
Art by: Kerry Gammill, Val Mayerik

1 characters in this story:

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Pub. #
Chance Chance hero
CBR Scale: M Glorification Church
(Unification Church)
Asian; Fallen Angels Marvel 11

Cover of Fallen Angels #4
Detail from cover of Fallen Angels #4
Cover Date: July 1987
Publisher: Marvel

Story Note: #4 in an 8-issue limited series

Story 1:
A Devil Among the Angels!
Pages: 22

Credits (as printed)
Writer: Jo Duffy
Penciler: Kerry Gammill
Finisher: Val Mayerik
Letterer: L.P. Gregory
Colorist: Petra Scotese
Editor: Ann Nocenti
Editor in Chief: Jim Shooter

Created by: Duffy and Gammill [Jo Duffy and Kerry Gammill]

Cover Price: 75¢
Cover Artist(s): Kerry Gammill (pencils) and Tom Palmer (inks)

Cover Blurb(s): #4 in an Eight-Issue Limited Series
Featured on Cover: Sunspot, Chance, Devil Dinosaur, Moon Boy, Gomi, Bill (lobster), Don (lobster), Siryn, Warlock, Ariel, Multiple Man (Jamie Madrox), Boom Boom (Tabitha Smith), 3 other dinosaurs
Shown in Corner Box: Sunspot, Warlock, Chance, Ariel, Gomi, Bill (lobster), Don (lobster), Vanisher, Boom Boom (Tabitha Smith), Multiple Man (Jamie Madrox, multiple copies), Siryn, Moon Boy, Devil Dinosaur
Corner box from cover of Fallen Angels #4
Signature from cover of Fallen Angels #4