Thor (vol. 2) #57 (Feb. 2003):
“The Gardener”
by Dan Jurgens, Joe Bennett, Philip Tan, Kaare Andrews, etc.

Thor (vol. 2) #57

Actual Cover Title: The Mighty Thor: Lord of Asgard #57

Story Title: “The Gardener”

Feature: Thor

Medium: comic

Cover date: Feb. 2003

Publisher: Marvel
Written by: Dan Jurgens
Art by: Joe Bennett, Philip Tan, Kaare Andrews, Phil Jimenez, Michael William Kaluta, Kyle Hotz, Brian Haberlin, Dave Johnson, Bill Sienkiewicz, John Paul Leon, Carlos Pacheco, P. Craig Russell, Jack Jadson, Tim Townsend, Jesus Merino

Number of Pages: 22

1 characters in this story:

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Pub. #
Thor Thor (Donald Blake)
(lead character)
hero deity
CBR Scale: D Norse/Teutonic deity
Asgardian; Cosmic Avengers...  Marvel 4,362