Police Comics #6 (Jan. 1942):
“Dr. Kruger’s Hospital Horror”
by S. M. Iger, Reed Crandall

Police Comics #6

Title: “Dr. Kruger’s Hospital Horror”

Feature: The Firebrand

Medium: comic

Cover date: Jan. 1942

Publisher: Quality
Written by: S. M. Iger
Art by: Reed Crandall

Number of Pages: 11

9 characters in this story:

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Pub. #
Firebrand Firebrand (Rod Reilly)
(lead character)
  Freedom Fighters Quality 33
Dr. Kruger Dr. Kruger villain
  [poisoned Red Cross blood banks] Quality 1
Rudolf Rudolf villain
  [has black hair] Quality 1
Slugger Dunn Slugger Dunn (Dunn) supporting character
  [Firebrand's trainer/mentor/servant/sidekick] Quality 17
Joan Rogers Joan Rogers supporting character
  [Firebrand's fiance] Quality 2
Anton Anton villain
  [blonde] Quality 1
unnamed orderly unnamed orderly villain
  [henchman; orderly] Quality 1
unnamed army doctor accomplice unnamed army doctor accomplice villain
  U.S. Army
[in on Dr. Kruger's plot to poison the blood supply]
Quality 1
unnamed furnace room watchman unnamed furnace room watchman supporting character
  U.S. Army
[shot, wounded by Dr. Kruger; shot and killed Kruger]
Quality 1

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