Police Comics #6 (Jan. 1942):
“Blood Will Tell”
by Robert M. Hyatt

Police Comics #6

Title: “Blood Will Tell”

Feature: Dick Mace

Medium: prose text story

Cover date: Jan. 1942

Publisher: Quality
Written by: Robert M. Hyatt

Number of Pages: 2

8 characters in this story:

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Pub. #
Dick Mace Dick Mace
(lead character)
  [has pilot's license; featured in prose text stories] Quality 63
Dr. Idwel Chivers Dr. Idwel Chivers supporting character
  [doctor] Quality 1
Masterson Masterson supporting character
  [mining engineer] Quality 1
Cranston Cranston supporting character
  [narrator of Dick Mace story; helped Mace solve murder case] Quality 1
Tully Brindell Tully Brindell villain
  [murderer caught by Dick Mace] Quality 1
Roe Roe supporting character
  [murdered; case was solved by Dick Mace] Quality 1
Murchison Murchison supporting character
  [police] Quality 1
Chief Davis Chief Davis supporting character
  [police chief] Quality 1