Doctor Doom and the Masters of Evil #3 (June 2009)
by Paul Tobin, Patrick Scherberger, Esdras Cristobal, Terry Pallot

Doctor Doom and the Masters of Evil #3

Medium: comic

Cover date: June 2009

Publisher: Marvel
Written by: Paul Tobin
Art by: Patrick Scherberger, Esdras Cristobal, Terry Pallot

16 characters in this story:

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and his/her religious practice, affiliation, etc.)
Pub. #
Doctor Doom Doctor Doom (Victor Von Doom)
(lead character)
villain scientist
CBR Scale: S Gypsy/Roma; magic/mysticism
Fearsome Four; The Cabal Marvel 1,176
Radioactive Man Radioactive Man (Dr. Chen Lu) villain hero
CBR Scale: U Communist Buddhist
Asian; People's Defense Force...  Marvel 187
Baron Zemo Baron Zemo (Dr. Heinrich Zemo) villain scientist
CBR Scale: M Nazi
The Masters of Evil (founder); Thunderbolts (Counter-Earth) Marvel 121
The Executioner The Executioner (Skurge) villain
CBR Scale: R Norse/Teutonic paganism
Asgardian; Mandarin's Minions...  Marvel 110
Enchantress Enchantress (Amora) villain
CBR Scale: M Norse/Teutonic deity
Asgardian; Lady Liberators (founder)...  Marvel 264
Blastaar Blastaar villain
  Baluurian; The Frightful Four Marvel 97
Princess Python Princess Python (Zelda DuBois) villain
  Circus of Crime; Femizons...  Marvel 93
The Melter The Melter (Bruno Horgan) villain
  Death Squad; The Masters of Evil Marvel 90
The Watchers The Watchers supporting character group
CBR Scale: M Watcher religion
[alien race] Marvel 38
Quinn supporting character
CBR Scale: S alien religion
[immensely powerful entity; had Watchers lock him away] Marvel 2
Alien Spiders supporting character group
CBR Scale: I alien
[used by Watchers to guard Quinn] Marvel 1
Mysterio Mysterio (Quentin Beck)
  Sinister Six Marvel 116
Dormammu Dormammu
CBR Scale: D Faltine energy being;
extra-dimensional mystic
entity/powerful magic user
The Cabal Marvel 170
Thanos Thanos
CBR Scale: M occult; nihilist; worships Death
Eternals of Titan; Infinity Watch Marvel 306
Galactus Galactus (Galan)
CBR Scale: M cosmic entity
Heralds of Galactus (leader) Marvel 537
The Destroyer The Destroyer
CBR Scale: I N.A.
Heralds of Galactus Marvel 58