Octobriana and the Russian Underground (1971)
by Petr Sadecky, Bohumil Konecny, Zdenek Burian

Octobriana and the Russian Underground

Medium: comic

Cover date: 1971

Publisher: Tom Stacey Ltd.
Written by: Petr Sadecky
Art by: Bohumil Konecny, Zdenek Burian

Number of Pages: 128

1 characters in this story:

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Pub. #
Octobriana Octobriana
(lead character)
  [1st app: Octobriana and the Russian Underground (1971)] Tom Stacey Ltd. 7

Petr Sadecky created "Octobriana" as an entirely new character in his 1971 comic book "Octobriana and the Russian Underground." But her visual depiction was based on (or lifted directly from) "Amazona," a character created by Czech artists Bohumil Konecny and Zdenek Burian. Sadecky claimed that Octobriana had been created in the 1960s by PPP, a group of dissident Russian artists. But this was a hoax. In fact, Sadecky used the work of Konecny and Burian directly in his book. Sadecky directly enlisted these two artists to create the "Amazona" stories, and then he changed the dialog, using their artwork.