The New Mutants (vol. 1) #58 (Dec. 1987):
“A Bird in the Hand”
by Louise Simonson, Bret Blevins, Off The Wall Studios

The New Mutants (vol. 1) #58

Title: “A Bird in the Hand”

Medium: comic

Cover date: Dec. 1987

Publisher: Marvel
Written by: Louise Simonson
Art by: Bret Blevins, Off The Wall Studios

Cover of New Mutants #58
Detail from cover of New Mutants #58
Cover Date: December 1987
Publisher: Marvel

Story 1:
A Bird in the Hand
Pages: 23

Credits (as printed)
Writer: Louise Simonson
Penciler: Bret Blevins & Off The Wall Studios
Inker: Terry Austin
Letterer: Ken Lopez
Colorist: Glynis Oliver
Editor: Ann Nocenti
Editor in Chief: Tom DeFalco

Created by: Chris Claremont and Bob McLeod

Cover Price: 75¢
Cover Artist(s): Bret Blevins (pencils), Terry Austin (inks)

Cover Blurb(s): [none]
Featured on Cover: Cypher (Doug Ramsey), Mirage (Danielle Moonstar), Brightwind (winged horse), Wolfsbane, Magik (Illyana Rasputin), Cannonball, Bird-Brain
Shown in Corner Box: Cannonball, Magma, Wolfsbane, Sunspot, Mirage (Danielle Moonstar)

Letter column: no
Cover box: New Mutants #58
Cover artist signature, New Mutants #58