X-Men (vol. 2) #68 (Oct. 1997):
“Heart of the Matter”
by Scott Lobdell, Steve Seagle, Pasqual Ferry, Art Thibert

X-Men (vol. 2) #68

Title: “Heart of the Matter”

Medium: comic

Cover date: Oct. 1997

Publisher: Marvel
Written by: Scott Lobdell, Steve Seagle
Art by: Pasqual Ferry, Art Thibert

17 characters in this story:

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and his/her religious practice, affiliation, etc.)
Pub. #
Iceman Iceman (Bobby Drake) hero
CBR Scale: I Jewish Catholic
Secret Defenders; Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends...  Marvel 1,752
Marrow Marrow (Sarah Rushman) villain hero
CBR Scale: S mutant supremacist; religious
Cable's Underground (ally); Gene Nation...  Marvel 101
Charlotte Jones Charlotte Jones supporting character
CBR Scale: I Protestant
black; NYPD
[ex-girlfriend of Archangel; partner of Bishop]
Marvel 43
Cecilia Reyes Cecilia Reyes hero
CBR Scale: A Seventh-Day Adventist?
Hispanic; X-Men Marvel 44
Sabra Sabra (Ruth Bat-Seraph) hero
CBR Scale: M Jewish
The Mutant Underground; X-Corporation Marvel 59
Henry Peter Gyrich Henry Peter Gyrich supporting character
  Commission on Superhuman Activities; Operation: Zero Tolerance...  Marvel 230
Senator Robert Kelly Senator Robert Kelly supporting character villain
CBR Scale: D anti-mutant activist; (AoA)
mutant-human peace activist
Project: Wideawake Marvel 84
Prime Sentinels Prime Sentinels villain group
CBR Scale: D anti-mutant
[human-based cyborgs instead of robots] Marvel 45
Timothy Jones supporting character
CBR Scale: U Protestant
[son of police detective Charlotte Jones]
Marvel 2
Officer Aguinal supporting character
  Asian; NYPD
[twice encountered Marrow, who beat him up]
Marvel 2
Officer Cleveland supporting character
[twice encountered Marrow, who beat him up]
Marvel 2
Rose Gilberti
supporting character
  [found, cared for Bastion after he first formed] Marvel 3
Cyclops Cyclops (Scott Summers)
(only on cover)
CBR Scale: SCBR Scale: I Protestant; mutant supremacist
Brotherhood of Mutant Supremacy; Summers Rebellion...  Marvel 8,371
Phoenix Phoenix (Jean Grey)
(only on cover)
CBR Scale: I Episcopalian
Metro College; The Twelve...  Marvel 1,905
Wolverine Wolverine (James Howlett / Logan)
(only on cover)
CBR Scale: S raised Protestant; sometimes atheist; has practiced Buddhism; skeptical seeker
Alpha Flight; Brotherhood of Mutant Supremacy...  Marvel 10,615
Storm Storm (Ororo Munroe)
(only on cover)
CBR Scale: M Goddess worship
black; Lady Liberators...  Marvel 5,068
Cannonball Cannonball (Sam Guthrie)
(only on cover)
CBR Scale: S Baptist
Academy of Tomorrow; The Avengers...  Marvel 831