The New Mutants (vol. 1) #92 (Aug. 1990):
“When the Carnival Comes to Town”
by Dwight Zimmerman, Bob Hall, Jeff Albrecht

The New Mutants (vol. 1) #92

Title: “When the Carnival Comes to Town”

Medium: comic

Cover date: Aug. 1990

Publisher: Marvel
Written by: Dwight Zimmerman
Art by: Bob Hall, Jeff Albrecht

Cover of New Mutants #92
Detail from cover of New Mutants #92
Cover Date: August 1990
Publisher: Marvel

Story 1:
When The Carnival Comes To Town
Pages: 22?

Credits (as printed)
Writer: Dwight Zimmerman
Penciler: Bob Hall
Inker: Jeff Albrecht
Letterer: Michael Heisler
Colorist: Nel Yomtov
Editor: Bob Harras
Editor in Chief: Tom DeFalco

Cover Price: $1.00
Cover Artist(s): Rob Liefeld

Cover Blurb(s): OOPS! We gave away this issue's shock ending with this cover!! But - what the heck -- ENJOY CARNIVAL OF DEATH anyway!!
Featured on Cover: Boom Boom (Tabitha Smith), Sunspot, Warlock, Cannonball, Wolfsbane, Rictor, a Skrull
Shown in Corner Box: Wolfsbane

Letter column: yes

Pin-up: 1 page. Artist: Rob Liefeld. Picture depicts current New Mutants standing dramatically: Wolfsbane, Tabitha Smith, Rictor, Cable, Magma, Cannonball, Sunspot, Rusty Collins, Warlock; Copy: "Don't worry gang -- we're heading for Madripoor right now and we'll meet you there in thirty!"
Cover box: New Mutants #92
Cover artist signature, New Mutants #92