New X-Men (vol. 2) #22 (Mar. 2006):
“Childhood’s End: Part 3 of 4”
by Craig Kyle, Chris Yost, Mark Brooks, Jay Leisten, etc.

New X-Men (vol. 2) #22

Title: “Childhood’s End: Part 3 of 4”

Medium: comic

Cover date: Mar. 2006

Publisher: Marvel
Written by: Craig Kyle, Chris Yost
Art by: Mark Brooks, Jay Leisten, Jaime Mendoza

Cover of New X-Men: Academy X #22
Cover artist signature, New X-Men: Academy X #22
Cover Date: March 2006
Publisher: Marvel

Story 1:
Childhood's End: Part 3 of 4
Pages: 24

Credits (as printed)
Writers: Craig Kyle and Chris Yost
Pencils: Mark Brooks
Inks: Jay Leisten and Jaime Mendoza
Colors: Brian Reber with Dave McCaig
Lettering: Dave Sharpe
Assistant Editor: Sean Ryan
Associate Editor: Nick Lowe
Editor: Mike Marts
Editor in Chief: Joe Quesada
Publisher: Dan Buckley

X-23 created by: Craig Kyle

Cover Price: $2.99
Cover Artist(s): Mark Brooks (pencils), Jaime Mendoza (inks), Brian Reber (colors)

Cover Blurb(s): Decimation [crossover logo]
Featured on Cover: Surge (Noriko Ashida), Hellion (Julian Keller), X-23, Dust (Sooraya Qadir), Mercury (Cessily Kincaid), Rockslide (Santo Vaccarro), Elixer (Josh Foley). (Plus, the cover features about 20 classic X-Men enemies who appear only as holograms in "Danger Room"-like scenarios within the story. The X-Men foes shown on the cover include: Juggernaut, Nimrod, Magneto, Dark Phoenix, the Blob, Deadpool, Mystique, Crimson Commando, Stonewall. Other villains on the cover include members of the Marauders: Prism, Scalphunter, and Vertigo.)

Letter column: no
Detail from cover of New X-Men: Academy X #22