Justice League of America (vol. 1) #5 (June-July 1961):
“When Gravity Went Wild!”
by Gardner F. Fox, Mike Sekowsky, Bernard Sachs

Justice League of America (vol. 1) #5

Title: “When Gravity Went Wild!”

Medium: comic

Cover date: June-July 1961

Publisher: DC

Written by: Gardner F. Fox

Art by: Mike Sekowsky, Bernard Sachs

16 characters in this story:

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and his/her religious practice, affiliation, etc.)
Pub. #
Superman Superman (Clark Kent) hero
CBR Scale: S Methodist / Kryptonian
Super Friends; The Justice League DC 13,409
Batman Batman (Bruce Wayne) hero
CBR Scale: SCBR Scale: I Episcopalian / Catholic
(lapsed); atheist
The Outsiders (leader); Super Friends...  DC 11,112
Wonder Woman Wonder Woman (Diana) hero
CBR Scale: M Greco-Roman classical religion
Amazon; Super Friends...  DC 4,659
Green Lantern Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) hero
CBR Scale: U Jewish Catholic / Green
Green Lantern Corps; U.S. Air Force...  DC 2,529
The Flash The Flash (Barry Allen) hero scientist
CBR Scale: I Christian (denomination
The Justice League; Super Friends DC 1,826
Aquaman Aquaman (Arthur Curry) hero
CBR Scale: S Atlantean Greco-Roman
classical religion
Super Friends; Atlantean...  DC 2,384
Martian Manhunter Martian Manhunter (J'onn J'onzz) hero
CBR Scale: M Martian religion
Martian; The Outsiders...  DC 2,228
Green Arrow Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) hero
CBR Scale: M agnostic; Liberal Marxist
Seven Soldiers of Victory; Justice League Elite...  DC 2,507
Snapper Carr Snapper Carr hero
  The Justice League; Checkmate... 
[Position in Checkmate: Pawn]
DC 143
Captain Cold Captain Cold (Leonard Snart) villain
  Cold Warriors; The Legion of Doom...  DC 188
Doctor Destiny Doctor Destiny (John Dee) villain based on a real person
CBR Scale: U alchemist
Crime Champions DC 43
The Getaway Mastermind (Monty Moran) villain
  [Foe of: Martian Manhunter] DC 2
Clock King Clock King (William Tockman) villain
  Justice League Antarctica; Time Foes...  DC 39
Electric Man villain
  [1st app: Adventure Comics (vol. 1) #254 (Dec. 1958)] DC 2
Professor Menace villain
  [1st app: Wonder Woman (vol. 1) #111 (Jan. 1960)] DC 2
Puppeteer Puppeteer (Jordan Weir) villain scientist
CBR Scale: S manifestly non-religious
H.I.V.E. DC 6