JLA #94 (Early May 2004):
“The Tenth Circle, Part One: Suffer the Little Children”
by John Byrne, Chris Claremont, Jerry Ordway

JLA #94

Title: “The Tenth Circle, Part One: Suffer the Little Children”

Medium: comic

Cover date: Early May 2004

Publisher: DC
Written by: John Byrne, Chris Claremont
Art by: John Byrne, Jerry Ordway

20 characters in this story:

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and his/her religious practice, affiliation, etc.)
Pub. #
Superman Superman (Clark Kent) hero
CBR Scale: S Methodist / Kryptonian religion
Kryptonians; Super Friends...  DC 13,409
Batman Batman (Bruce Wayne) hero
CBR Scale: ICBR Scale: S Episcopalian / Catholic (lapsed); atheist
Batman family; Quinntets...  DC 11,112
Wonder Woman Wonder Woman (Diana) hero
CBR Scale: M Greco-Roman classical religion
Amazon; Super Friends...  DC 4,659
Martian Manhunter Martian Manhunter (J'onn J'onzz) hero
CBR Scale: M Martian religion
Justice Experience; Martian...  DC 2,228
The Atom The Atom (Ray Palmer) hero scientist
CBR Scale: U Jewish (lapsed)
Super Friends; The Justice League DC 1,086
Flash Flash (Wally West) hero
CBR Scale: I Protestant; Speed Force
Justice League Elite; The Justice League...  DC 915
The Chief The Chief (Dr. Niles Caulder) hero scientist
  The Doom Patrol (founder) DC 176
Elasti-Girl Elasti-Girl (Rita Farr) hero
CBR Scale: U Protestant
The Doom Patrol DC 149
Negative Man Negative Man (Larry Trainor) hero
  The Doom Patrol
[test pilot disfigured in radioactive crash]
DC 154
Robotman Robotman (Cliff Steele) hero
  The Doom Patrol
[mind in robotic body]
DC 211
Faith Faith hero
  Black Ops; The Doom Patrol...  DC 37
Nudge Nudge (Mi-Sun Kwan) hero
  Asian; The Doom Patrol DC 28
Grunt Grunt (Henry Bucher) hero
  The Doom Patrol DC 23
Vortex Vortex hero
  The Doom Patrol DC 9
Manitou Raven Manitou Raven (Raven) hero
CBR Scale: U Native American spirituality
Justice League Elite; The Justice League DC 40
Crucifer supporting character
CBR Scale: D Tenth Circle (vampire sect)
[1st app: JLA #94 (Early May 2004)] DC 8
The Tenth Circle villain group
CBR Scale: D Tenth Circle (vampire sect)
[1st app: JLA #94 (Early May 2004)] DC 5
Detective McGuigan supporting character
[attacked Batman while possessed by vampires]
DC 3
Green Lantern Green Lantern (John Stewart)
CBR Scale: I Protestant
black; Green Lantern Corps...  DC 560
Plastic Man Plastic Man (Eel O'Brian)
CBR Scale: I Christian (denomination
All-Star Squadron; Freedom Fighters...  Quality 636