Nova (vol. 1) #14 (Oct. 1977):
“Massacre at Truman High!”
by Marv Wolfman, Sal Buscema, Dick Giordano

Nova (vol. 1) #14

Title: “Massacre at Truman High!”

Medium: comic

Cover date: Oct. 1977

Publisher: Marvel
Written by: Marv Wolfman
Art by: Sal Buscema, Dick Giordano

19 characters in this story:

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Pub. #
Nova Nova (Richard Rider)
(lead character)
  Nova Corps; Secret Defenders... 
[attended Harry S. Truman High]
Marvel 427
Sandman Sandman (Flint Marko) villain hero
  Intruders (leader); Next Wave...  Marvel 388
supporting character group real/historical person
  [police department] Marvel DC 1,396
Doctor Von Flessle (Karl von Horstbadden) villain scientist
CBR Scale: D Nazi
[Commandant of Auschwitz Concentration camp] Marvel Atlas 23
Mike Burley supporting character
  [present when his friend Nova received his powers] Marvel 17
Samuel Burley supporting character scientist
  [older brother of Nova's friend Mike] Marvel 3
Caps (Roger Cooper) supporting character
  Empire State University; Harry S. Truman High School
[friend of Richard Rider (Nova)]
Marvel 29
Bernie Dillon supporting character
  [former Harry S. Truman High student] Marvel 22
Benjamin Dover supporting character
  [refused to loan money to Nova's father Charles Rider] Marvel 1
Donna-Lee Dover Donna-Lee Dover supporting character
  [girlfriend of Nova's friend Mike Burley] Marvel 12
Ginger Jaye supporting character
  Harry S. Truman High School
[friend of Richard Rider (Nova)]
Marvel 32
Charles Rider supporting character scientist
  [Nova's father] Marvel 43
Mr. Ryan supporting character scientist
  [professor] Marvel 4
T'Kora supporting character
CBR Scale: R African primal-indigenous
religion: Black Panther Cult
[doctor] Marvel 2
Yellow Claw Yellow Claw (Plan Tzu)
CBR Scale: M Chinese traditional religion; alchemist; occult
[leader of own crime organization] Marvel Atlas 15
The Inner Circle villain group
  [1st app: Nova (vol. 1) #14 (Oct. 1977)] Marvel 5
Harry S. Truman High School supporting character group
  [high school] Marvel 12
unnamed bank guard supporting character
  The Inner Circle
[gave Nova's dad Charles Rider card to contact Inner Circle]
Marvel 1
Harry S Truman Harry S Truman
supporting character real/historical person
CBR Scale: M Baptist
U.S. Army DC 174

This publication is also known as: The Man Called Nova #14.