Squadron Supreme (vol. 1) #6 (Feb. 1986):
“Inner Circle”
by Mark Gruenwald, Paul Ryan, Sam de la Rosa, Keith Williams

Squadron Supreme (vol. 1) #6

Title: “Inner Circle”

Medium: comic

Cover date: Feb. 1986

Publisher: Marvel
Written by: Mark Gruenwald
Art by: Paul Ryan, Sam de la Rosa, Keith Williams

7 characters in this story:

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Pub. #
Moonglow Arcanna (Arcanna Jones) hero
CBR Scale: M occult; former medium
Squadron Supreme Marvel 71
Mink villain
  Squadron Supreme; Institute of Evil...  Marvel 6
Pinball villain hero
  Redeemers (Earth-712) Marvel 6
Remnant villain hero
  Institute of Evil; Redeemers (Earth-712) Marvel 6
Master Menace Master Menace (Emil Burbank) villain hero
  Squadron Supreme Marvel 30
Cerebrax villain
CBR Scale: I N.A.
[robot] Marvel 2
Daniel Yates supporting character
CBR Scale: S religious/ethical
[prison warden; refused to use behavior modification device] Marvel 2