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Catholic school


BELOW: Black Cat touts the benefits of her "good Catholic School education": The Black Cat has a long history of working as a cat burglar and a mercenary for questionable employers. Despite her efforts to reform and work more as a hero, is clear that as an adult she has not been a practicing Catholic. Yet her reference to a Catholic School education may hint at having been raised Catholic. Oddly enough, Spider-Man here calls Black Cat "Miss Kyle" instead of by her actual name (Miss Hardy), in an apparent reference to DC Comics' Catwoman (Selina Kyle), who has been explicitly identified as a non-practicing Catholic.

Black Cat touts the benefits of her good Catholic School education

Source: Marvel Knights Spider-Man #10 (Mar. 2005): "Last Stand: Part 2", pg. 11, panel 3. Written by Mark Millar. Art by Terry Dodson, Rachel Dodson. See also: Catholic school; Catholic; Black Cat (Felicia Hardy)