The Religious Affiliation of
Peace Monger
Dr. Cobbleskill

Religion: anti-racism activist CBR Scale: D

Name: Peace Monger

Alter Ego: Dr. Cobbleskill

Other Names: Peacemonger; The Peace-Monger; Dr. Cobleskill

Classification: villain villain   based on a real person based on a real person  

Publisher(s): Marvel

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents (vol. 1) #27 (Early Sep. 1989): "Just Another Shade of Hate"

Creators: Scott Lobdell, Ron Wilson, Jeff Albrecht

Super? (Has Super Powers/Special Abilities/Technology): Yes

Number of Appearances: 2

Enemy of: U.S. Agent, American Eagle

Occupation: doctor

Gender: male

Dr. Cobleskill was an anti-racism activist who was so fanatical in his beliefs that he was willing to use his mutant powers to incite riots and hatred, endangering the lives of others. He became the super-villain known as "Peacemonger" in order to violently pursue his goal of establishing peace between the races. While his basic desire to combat racism may seem noble, his methods certainly made him a terrorist and a villain.

In his first appearance, Dr. Cobleskill was attacked by a racist group known as the Knights of Saint Virgil. He battled them, but it was later revealed that he himself had organized them and orchestrated the attack.

Peacemonger had the mutant ability to feed off of a crowd's hatred and turn such emotions into raw physical power. This power enhanced his physical strength and size. Peacemonger's mutant power apparently had no ability to instill anger and hatred in others. His power relied on those emotions being present. But Dr. Cobleskill seemed to have at least some knowledge about such emotions and non-mutant ability to draw these emotions out in people.

Obviously there is some irony in the way this character so vocally denounced racism, yet used race hatred to make himself powerful. It is in this aspect of the character that Peacemonger might be regarded as commentary on real-life "civil rights activists" such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson who denounce racism yet use racism to enhance their own power and line their own pocketbooks.

Dr. Cobleskill's basic desire to have peace between people of different races is a fairly universal desire that can be found among peoples of all ethnic and religious groups. Anti-racism activism is not typically classified as a religion, but for the fanatical Peacemonger, this was definitely his "religion," in the broad sense of the term.

The Dr. Cobleskill character was apparently based on controversial "civil rights activist" Al Sharpton, who denounced racism while using racial controversies to enhance his own prestige and bank account. Note that Dr. Cobleskill was drawn to resemble Al Sharpton: Both are portly, older black men with balding, graying hair and a moustache.

The story, in which the Knights of Saint Virgil are hired by Peacemonger himself to attack him, appeared just two years after the famous Tawana Brawley event, in which Al Sharpton stoked the fans of racial hatred after a 15-year-old black girl fabricated a story about being brutally attacked by six white men. One difference between this real news event and the comic book story that was published soon thereafter is that the Knights of Saint Virgil were real people organized to portray a racially-motivated attack, while the six white men in Brawley's story never existed at all. Also, in the comic story it is clear that the civil rights activist character (Dr. Cobleskill) orchestrated the whole attack, but in the Brawley event, Al Sharpton may have simply taken advantage of the girl's false claims and may not have been the originator.

This character is in the following story which has been indexed by this website:
Marvel Comics Presents (vol. 1) #27 (Early Sep. 1989): "Just Another Shade of Hate"

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