Dr. Calhoun

Religion: indeterminate

Name: Dr. Calhoun

Other Names: Doctor Calhoun

Classification: supporting character supporting character  

Publisher(s): Marvel

First Appearance: X-Men: Legacy (vol. 1) #211 (July 2008): "Sins of the Father, Part 1"

First Appearance (Additional Details): (named) X-Men: Legacy (vol. 1) #212 (July 2008): "Sins of the Father, Part 2"

Creators: Mike Carey, Scot Eaton, Brandon Peterson, John Dell, Andrew Hennessy, David Meikis

Number of Appearances: 2

Employer: mental hospital in Las Cruces, New Mexico

Helped: Hazard

Occupation: doctor

Gender: male

Note: treated mental patient Carter Ryking (Xavier's old friend)

Dr. Calhoun was first seen in X-Men: Legacy #211 (June 2008) as the doctor in charge of the treatment of Carter Ryking (who would later be known as "Hazard").

Charles Xavier, in an effort to regain his shattered memories, was visiting people who knew him at different stages in his life. He visited Carter Ryking, who had known Charles Xavier as a boy at the Alamogordo, New Mexico nuclear research base.

Doctor Calhon has a distinctive hairline and distinctive half-oval eyeglasses.

Dr. Calhoun was not named in his initial appearance, but his name was provided in the next issue. On page 8 in X-Men: Legacy #212, Sebastian Shaw is in the waiting room in the same mental hospital where Carter Ryking is a patient. Sebastian Shaw is investigating recent events which coincide with Professor Xavier's investigation. Shaw sees Xavier and Gambit leave the hospital, having just learned that Ryking died the night before. Sebastian Shaw gets up to leave. A receptionist or nurse tells Shaw, "Mister Shaw, Doctor Calhoun will see you now, if you're--"

Shaw responds, "No need. I'll pay my respects to the dead another day."

It is not absolutely explicitly stated here that Doctor Calhoun is the doctor who was in charge of Carter Ryking's treatment, but this seems to be the most reasonable conclusion.

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