The Religious Affiliation of
Jin Taiko

Religion: demonolatry (Cyttorak) CBR Scale: M

Name: Juggernaut

Alter Ego: Jin Taiko

Classification: villain villain  

Publisher(s): Marvel

First Appearance: New Excalibur #15 (Mar. 2007): "Unredeemed, Part 3"

Creators: Frank Tieri, Jim Calafiore, Mark McKenna

Super? (Has Super Powers/Special Abilities/Technology): Yes

Number of Appearances: 1

Enemy of: Juggernaut

Gender: male

Note: Cain Marko's predecessor as "Juggernaut"

Before Cain Marko, there was Jin Takio.

Cain Marko is the man best known today as "Juggernaut," a villainous foe of the X-Men who obtained vast power from the demon Cyttorak when he found the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak. (Cyttorak could also be classified a demon-god or a deity, depending on one's perspective).

Before Cain Marko was Juggernaut, Jin Taiko was similarly empowered. But the people of Jin Taiko's began worshiping a being other than Cyttorak. Unfortunately for them, Cyttorak was a jealous and bloodthirsty god. He demanded that Jin Taiko slaughter all the people in his village. Jin Taiko refused to do this. Consequently, Cyttorak allowed Cain Marko to became the new Juggernaut and Marko killed Jin Taiko.

Jin Taiko's religious journey is interesting to consider. It seems that for a time he was empowered by Cyttorak and quite dutiful in being an acolyte. This wasn't simply a matter of him having a gem that gave him power. He and the people of his village actively worshiped Cyttorak. We would classify this as demonolatry, because Cyttorak is a demon. But the people who worshiped him may not have regarded their worship as demonolatry. They weren't worshiping demons generally and perhaps the being they did worship was never regarded by them as a demon. But ultimately the villagers and Jin Taiko himself turned away from worshiping Cyttorak, despite the fact that they had physical proof of their god's existence and potent power. Based on his story, the nature of Cyttorak, and the way Cain Marko took Taiko's place, it can be presumed that Jin Taiko committed violent acts during his decades as Juggernaut. Taiko may well have killed whoever as Cyttorak's "Juggernaut" servant before him. But years later, Jin Taiko decided it was better to side with his fellow villagers and try to protect them from harm rather than continuing to follow a god he must have come to realize was evil.

How admirable was Jin Taiko in his final days, to essentially die to protect his villagers? What had he done before that time to people outside his village? What had he done to individuals within his own village? Was he truly noble if he thought nothing of the lives of most others and halted his violence only to prevent the complete destruction of his own people? Jin Taiko's story is told in a flashback in the third part of a story arc titled "Unredeemed." This title probably refers to Cain Marko rather than Jin Taiko. But what of Jin Taiko? Is he ultimately "redeemed" or "unredeemed?"

This character is in the following story which has been indexed by this website:
New Excalibur #15 (Mar. 2007): "Unredeemed, Part 3"

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