Reggie Mantle

The Religious Affiliation of
Reggie Mantle

Religion: Christian (denomination unknown) CBR Scale: S

Name: Reggie Mantle

Other Names: Reginald Mantle III; Reggie; Reg; Reginald "Reggie" Mantle III; Scotty; Carlos; Mantle, The Magnificent

Classification: supporting character supporting character  

Publisher(s): Archie MLJ Comics

First Appearance: Jackpot Comics #5 (Spring 1942): "Trip to Bear Mountain"

Creators: Bob Montana

Number of Appearances: 2,660

   Comic Book Appearances: 2,632

   TV, Film Appearances: 28

Enemy of: Archie

Ally: Archie Andrews

Occupation: high school student

Studied at: Riverdale High School

Location: Riverdale, USA

Gender: male

Note: typical bully; but often Archie's good friend

Reggie is a church pianist on Sundays.

This character is in the following 23 stories which have been indexed by this website:
Archie #574 (May 2007): "I Got the Power!" (cameo)
Archie & Friends
Archie's Girls Betty and Veronica #159 (Mar. 1969): "Sue Sue Baby"
Archie's Super Hero Comics Digest Magazine #2 (June 1979): "Superteen Strikes Again"
Archie's Super Hero Special
Betty and Me
Jackpot Comics #5 (Spring 1942): "Trip to Bear Mountain"
Jughead's Fantasy #1 (Aug. 1960)
Life with Archie
Reggie and Me
World of Archie Double Digest

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