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Religion: D'Bari religion CBR Scale: R

Name: G'aspix

Other Names: G'Aspx

Classification: villain villain  

Publisher(s): Marvel UK

First Appearance: Marvel Heroes #33 (24 Mar. 2011): "The Brute and the Bounty Hunter!"

Creators: Simon Furman, Simon Williams

Number of Appearances: 1

Enemy of: The Hulk, S.H.I.E.L.D., Death's Head

Ally: K'hari

Occupation: starship commander

Planet: D'Bari IV

Race: D'Bari

Gender: male

Note: among D'Bari who set up Death's Head/Hulk challenge

G'aspix was a member of the D'Bari race, one of the few remaining D'Bari who survived the destruction of the D'Bari homeworld, which was destroyed by the Dark Phoenix.

G'aspix was a starship commander in a group of D'Bari who announced their intention to colonize Earth, unless Earth's chosen champion defeated the D'Bari champion in combat. Earth (via SHIELD) chose the Hulk. The D'Bari chose the mercenary Deathh's Head.

G'aspix hated the fact that his people chose Death's Head. G'aspix's lifemate (K'hari) had been killed and mounted on display by a mercenary alien hunter named Tyrus Krill. So G'aspix hated mercenaries generally. G'aspix vowed to kill Death's Head after the challenge, regardless of the outcome.

A SHIELD agent similarly planned to betray Earth's champion, the Hulk. The Hulk and Death's Head realized that there were plans afoot to betray both of them, and the teamed up to teach the D'Bari and SHIELD a lesson.

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