Marvel Family

Marvel Family

Name: Marvel Family

Classification: supporting characters supporting characters   group group  

Publisher(s): Fawcett

Enemy of: Blaze, Chain Lightning, Lord Satanus

Number of group members listed below: 9

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Pub. #
Captain Marvel Captain Marvel (Billy Batson) hero
CBR Scale: S Greco-Roman classical religion / Protestant
Marvel Family; Shazam's Squadron of Justice...  Fawcett 756
Captain Marvel Jr. Captain Marvel Jr. (Freddy Freeman) hero
CBR Scale: S religious
Marvel Family; The Outsiders...  Fawcett 265
Hoppy the Marvel Bunny Hoppy the Marvel Bunny (Hoppy) hero
CBR Scale: I anthropomorphic animal
Marvel Family; rabbit Fawcett 16
Marvel Family Marvel Family supporting character group
Mary Marvel Mary Marvel (Mary Batson) hero
CBR Scale: S Greco-Roman classical religion
Marvel Family; Super Buddies Fawcett 309
Shazam Shazam (Jebediah of Canaan) hero
  Marvel Family Fawcett DC 131
Tawky Tawny Tawky Tawny hero
CBR Scale: S uplifted animal
Marvel Family; tiger Fawcett DC 46
Thunder (CeCe Beck) hero
  Marvel Family; The Legion of Super-Heroes DC 14
Uncle Marvel Uncle Marvel (Dudley H. Dudley) hero
  Marvel Family Fawcett 42

Marvel Family Marvel Family Marvel Family