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spirit: excerpts from comics
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BELOW: Allen tells Rick he heard his deceased wife talking to him: Rick tries to console Allen, who is still distraught over the death of his wife about a week ago. Allen tells Rick that he heard his wife speaking to him, urging him to take care of their sons. Was he dreaming? Hallucinating? Or did Donna's spirit visit Allen to try to to pull him out of his despair so he could better care for their children?

Allen tells Rick he heard his deceased wife talking to him

Allen: I just can't sleep in there, y'know. I sit and think about how we both used to sleep in that area in front of the couch and how she's not there anymore. I can't stop thinking about her. Last night... I swear I heard Donna talking to me. I was lying there trying to sleep and she just kept saying "Take care of my boys." It was clear as day... It was like she was sitting right next to me. I think I'm losing my mind.

Rick: You'll get through this, man. Don't worry.

Source: The Walking Dead #11 (Aug. 2004): "Miles Behind Us, Part 5", pg. 6, panels 5-6. Written by Robert Kirkman. Art by Charlie Adlard. See also: spirit; Rick Grimes; Allen; Donna