The Religious Affiliation of

Religion: Devil CBR Scale: D

Name: Mephisto

Other Names: Satan; The Devil; Mephistopheles; Lucifer; Beelzebub; Nick Scratch; Legion; Miles Gorney; Maya

Classification: villain villain  

Publisher(s): Marvel

First Appearance: The Silver Surfer (vol. 1) #3 (Dec. 1968): "The Power and the Prize!"

Creators: Stan Lee, John Buscema, Joe Sinnott

Super? (Has Super Powers/Special Abilities/Technology): Yes

Number of Appearances: 381

   Comic Book Appearances: 299

   TV, Film Appearances: 78

   Video Game, Computer Game Appearances: 4

Teams/Affiliations: Six-Fingered Hand; The Cabal

Gender: male

As "the Devil" or ("a devil"), Mephisto is an enemy of all goodness and all true heroes.

This character is in the following 51 stories which have been indexed by this website:
Avengers West Coast #100 (Nov. 1993): "Soul Gauntlet"
Black Axe #3 (June 1993): "The Immortality Gambit II: The Last Temptation of Black Axe"
The Champions (vol. 1) #2 (Jan. 1976): "Whom the Gods Would Join..." (cameo)
Dark Angel #9 (Apr. 1993): "Assassination, Part One"
Dark Avengers #10 (Dec. 2009) (1-panel cameo)
Dark Reign Files #1 (Apr. 2009)
The Defenders
Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #31 (July 1991): "TBOTV: A Gathering of Fear, Part 1"
Fantastic Force (vol. 1) #18 (Apr. 1996): "A Force of One"
Fantastic Four Annual #23 (1990): "When Franklin Comes Marchin' Home"
Ghost Rider / Wolverine / Punisher: The Dark Design (Dec. 1994): "The Dark Design"
Journey Into Mystery (vol. 1) #627 (Nov. 2011): "Mephisto" (lead character)
Marvel Graphic Novel #49 (1989): "Doctor Strange and Doctor Doom: Triumph and Torment"
Marvel Knights 4 #27 (Apr. 2006): "The Resurrection of Nicholas Scratch: Part Three: Threshold of Revelations" (2-panel cameo)
Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (24 Oct. 2006)
Secret Wars II
The Silver Surfer (vol. 1) #3 (Dec. 1968): "The Power and the Prize!"
Slingers #12 (Nov. 1999): "Fast Lane: Media Blitz (part 1 of 4)"
Thor (vol. 1) #459 (Feb. 1993): "Mephisto" (lead character)
Thunderbolts Annual 2000 (2000): "Under the Surface"
What If? (vol. 1) #22 (Aug. 1980): "What If... Doctor Doom Had Become a Hero?"
X-Factor Annual #4 (1989): "That I Be Bound in a Nutshell" (cameo)
X-Force / Champions Annual '98 (Dec. 1998): "Demon from Within" (cameo)
Young Avengers #11 (May 2006): "Family Matters: Part 3" (cameo)

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