The Corporation

The Corporation

Name: The Corporation

Classification: villains villains   group group  

Publisher(s): Marvel

First Appearance: Captain America (vol. 1) #213 (Sep. 1977): "The Night Flyer!"

First Appearance (Additional Details): (behind the scenes) The Incredible Hulk (vol. 2) #212 (June 1977): "Crushed By...the Constrictor!"; (full) Captain America (vol. 1) #213 (Sep. 1977): "The Night Flyer!"

            NOTE: This is our current best assessment of the first appearance of this character, but this has been flagged in our database as uncertain.

Creators: Jack Kirby, Dan Green

Number of Appearances: 42

Enemy of: Fred Sloan

Type of Organization/Group: company, crime syndicate

Number of group members listed below: 27

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Pub. #
Agent 4 villain
  The Corporation
[high-ranking agent]
Marvel 1
Agent 6 villain
  The Corporation
[high-ranking agent]
Marvel 1
Agent 7 villain
  The Corporation
[one of The Corporation's few female high-ranking agents]
Marvel 1
Filippo Ayala supporting character
  The Corporation
[White Tiger's brother]
Marvel 3
Benson villain
  The Corporation
[helicopter pilot]
Marvel 4
Blue Streak Blue Streak (Don Thompson) villain hero
  Hood's Army; SHIELD Super-Agents...  Marvel 10
Conquer-Lord Conquer-Lord (Mr. Quinn) villain
  The Corporation
[insane; tried to assassinate NYC mayor]
Marvel 2
The Corporation The Corporation villain group
  [1st app: Captain America (vol. 1) #213 (Sep. 1977)] Marvel 42
Doctor Faustus (Johann Fennhoff) villain
CBR Scale: S Nazi / Freudian
National Force (founder); The Corporation
[led own gang]
Marvel 61
Harry villain
  The Corporation Marvel 1
Hemlock (Jonathan Hemlock) villain
CBR Scale: M pathologically attached to plants
The Corporation Marvel 1
Henderson villain
  The Corporation Marvel 1
Kickback (Richard) villain
CBR Scale: U manifestly non-religious
Assassin Nation; The Corporation...  Marvel 4
Kligger Kligger (Eugene Stivak) villain
  The Corporation (leader)
[uncle of Michael Stivak (Torpedo II)]
Marvel 12
Night Flyer villain
CBR Scale: D unnamed perfection-based religion
The Corporation Marvel 11
Night Flyers villain
CBR Scale: I N.A.
The Corporation
[robots patterned after original Night Flyer]
Marvel 1
Number 12 I villain
  Rocketeers; The Corporation Marvel 1
Mr. O'Connor villain
  The Corporation Marvel 1
Power Broker Power Broker (Curtiss Jackson) villain
  The Corporation
[one of Red Skull's division chiefs]
Marvel 12
Rocketeers villain group
  The Corporation
[wore Dire Wraith-designed armor]
Marvel 5
Simon villain scientist
  The Corporation Marvel 1
unnamed sleeper agent villain
  S.H.I.E.L.D.; The Corporation
[rogue SHIELD agent]
Marvel 2
Vamp Vamp (Denise Baranger) villain hero
  SHIELD Super-Agents; The Corporation Marvel 12
Veda Veda villain
  The Corporation Marvel 7
Veil villain
  The Corporation
[apparently a Corporation senior administrator]
Marvel 1
Wender villain
  The Corporation
[worked under Filippo Ayala]
Marvel 1
Wescott villain
  Rocketeers (leader); The Corporation Marvel 2

This character is in the following 20 stories which have been indexed by this website:
Captain America
Daredevil (vol. 1) #127 (Nov. 1975): "You Killed That Man, Torpedo--And Now You're Going to Pay!"
Heroes for Hire
The Incredible Hulk (vol. 2) #212 (June 1977): "Crushed By...the Constrictor!" (behind the scenes)

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