Heroes for Hire (vol. 2) #6 (Mar. 2007):
“Guns, Gems, Robots and Terrorists!”
by Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti, Al Rio, Scott Koblish, etc.

Heroes for Hire (vol. 2) #6

Title: “Guns, Gems, Robots and Terrorists!”

Medium: comic

Cover date: Mar. 2007

Publisher: Marvel
Written by: Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti
Art by: Al Rio, Scott Koblish, Tom Palmer

30 characters in this story:

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and his/her religious practice, affiliation, etc.)
Pub. #
Shang-Chi Shang-Chi hero clergy/religious leader
CBR Scale: S Taoist monk
black; Heroes for Hire...  Marvel 313
Misty Knight Misty Knight hero
  black; Heroes for Hire...  Marvel 192
Colleen Wing Colleen Wing hero
CBR Scale: S Bushido
Asian; Heroes for Hire...  Marvel 137
Humbug Humbug (Buck Mitty) villain hero scientist
CBR Scale: S insect-based beliefs
Heroes for Hire Marvel 25
Tarantula Tarantula (Maria Vasquez) hero
CBR Scale: I Christian (denomination
Heroes for Hire; Hispanic Marvel 16
Orka Orka villain hero
CBR Scale: R Atlantean Greco-Roman
classical religion
Atlantean; Deep Six...  Marvel 62
Otis Danger Johnson Otis Danger Johnson supporting character
  A.I.M.; Heroes for Hire (staff)...  Marvel 7
Chondu the Mystic Chondu the Mystic (Harvey Schlemerman) villain
CBR Scale: M occult; yoga
Headmen Atlas Marvel 25
Gorilla-Man Gorilla-Man (Dr. Arthur Nagan) villain
  Headmen; Lethal Legion Atlas Marvel 25
Ruby Thursday Ruby Thursday (Thursday Rubinstein) villain scientist
CBR Scale: U Jewish
Headmen Marvel 39
Shrunken Bones Shrunken Bones (Dr. Jerold Morgan) villain scientist
  Headmen Marvel 22
Doombots Doombots supporting character villain
CBR Scale: I N.A.
[robotic duplicates of Doctor Doom] Marvel 74
Victor supporting character
CBR Scale: I N.A.
[abandoned Doombot befriended by young boy Billy] Marvel 3
Shadows (Louis Kravits) supporting character
CBR Scale: D Hasidic Judaism
[hired Heroes for Hire to retrieve stolen diamonds]
Marvel 2
The Death Cadre villain
CBR Scale: I manifestly non-religious
[criminal] Marvel 1
Billy Delfini Billy Delfini supporting character
  [befriended abandoned Doombot] Marvel 4
(4-panel cameo)
CBR Scale: U manifestly non-religious
Ricadonna's Rogues Marvel 6
Grim Reaper Grim Reaper (Eric Williams)
(3-panel cameo)
  HYDRA; Lethal Legion...  Marvel 98
Man-Ape Man-Ape (M'Baku)
(3-panel cameo)
CBR Scale: M African primal-indigenous
religion; White Gorilla cult
Lethal Legion; The Masters of Evil Marvel 42
two unnamed imams
(1-panel cameo)
supporting character clergy/religious leader
CBR Scale: D Muslim imams
[seen walking in downtown New York City] Marvel 1
Doctor Doom Doctor Doom (Victor Von Doom)
(someone disguised or dressed as)
villain scientist
CBR Scale: S Gypsy/Roma; magic/mysticism
Fearsome Four; The Cabal Marvel 1,176
The Corporation The Corporation
(behind the scenes)
villain group
  [company; crime syndicate] Marvel 42
God God
deity real/historical person
CBR Scale: D God
[1st app: Old Testament (1402 B.C.)] various 313
Spider-Man Spider-Man (Peter Parker)
hero scientist
CBR Scale: I Protestant
Secret Defenders; Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends...  Marvel 10,664
Iron Man Iron Man (Tony Stark)
CBR Scale: I futurist; technophile; mostly secular; sometimes prays; Alcoholics Anonymous
Force Works; Illuminati...  Marvel 5,673
Bill Gates Bill Gates
real/historical person
CBR Scale: I Congregationalist (raised); agnostic
[business owner; CEO...] Marvel 96
Ebenezer Scrooge Ebenezer Scrooge
non-feature lead character
CBR Scale: S Anglican
[banker] Marvel 78
Lenny Kravitz Lenny Kravitz
real/historical person
CBR Scale: S Jewish Protestant Christian
[musician; singer...] Marvel 143
Ethel Kravits
supporting character
CBR Scale: D Hasidic Judaism
[late wife of mafia enforcer Louis Kravits] Marvel 1
Uncle Joe
supporting character
 indeterminate  [bum in New York City; smells like pee] Marvel 1