recent finishing school graduate

Religion: not determined yet

Name: recent finishing school graduate

Other Names: Damian's gal-pal

Classification: supporting character supporting character  

Publisher(s): DC

First Appearance: Batman: Battle for the Cowl #1 (May 2009): "A Hostile Takeover"

Creators: Tony S. Daniel, Sandu Florea

Number of Appearances: 1

Enemy of: Killer Croc

Ally: Damian Wayne

Gender: female

Note: bimbette Damian Wayne gave Batmobile ride to

A young woman (girl?) of questionable intellect and taste was first seen on page 22 of Batman: Battle for the Cowl #1 (May 2009).

On this page, we see that Batman's son Damian Wayne absconded with the Batmobile during the times of crisis immediately after Bruce Wayne was lost to the world. Oracle (Barbara Gordon) used the vehicle's surveillance and communications systems to observe what he was doing and see who was in the car. Oracle could see that Damian was sitting next to an air-headed girl (probably in her mid teens) with trampy make-up and apparel.

The girl's first words, spoken excitedly in panel 1, were: "WOW! Batman made this thing? Like, what else can it do? Can it fly? Make it fly. Oh pleeease?!"

Damian tried to temper his date's enthusiasm, saying, "Easy, there's a process you have to go through. Steps, you know? Let's see . . ."

At this point Damian pushed the wrong button and accidentally disabled the vehicle's GPS signal scramble. Oracle was thus able to get an accurate lock on the Batmobile's location. The computer hacking maestro displayed her "Oracle" digital face on the car's screen so that Damian and his female friend could see her and know they were being observed.

Oracle referred to the girl as a "recent finishing school graduate," speaking ironically in reference to the young "lady's" obvious lack of refinement. Oracle remotely triggered an ejector seat with a parachute on it in order to get rid of the bimbette and then remotely took control of the Batmobile, intending to steer Damian to a place where he could do some useful surveillance work.

In panel 1 on page 23 we see the startled "finishing school graduate" high in the air above the Batmobile, sitting in the ejector seat that Oracle ejected from the car. Note the girl's distinctive pink Converse-like tennis shoe with the circle symbol near the heel. Oracle's words to Damian can be heard: "And I'll be happy to show your gal-pal how she can fly."

In panel 2 on page 23, we can see that the ejector seat's parachute deployed properly, to guide the passenger down to a safe landing.

But will Damian's "gal-pal" actually be safe? Something unexpected and foreboding occurs when, seconds later, the Batmobile, with Damian now its sole passenger, is struck by the monstrously strong Killer Croc, who recently escaped from custody in a massive prison break engineered by the Black Mask. Killer Croc's assault on the Batmobile causes it to roll out of control and crash into a swamp on the side of the road.

On page 25, Damian emerges from the crashed vehicle to find himself face to face with Killer Crock and Poison Ivy. In panel 3 Killer Croc tosses a the pink tennis shoe at him. It is the same shoe that was worn Damian's recent companion. Killer Croc tells Damian, "thanks for the appetizer."

Poison Ivy and Killer Croc's banter with each other has made it clear that Killer Croc intends to devour Damian. It is now clear that Damian's gal-pal landed in this swamp and was promptly eaten by Killer Croc. Thus ends this girl's short tenure as a comic book character.

This character is in the following story which has been indexed by this website:
Batman: Battle for the Cowl #1 (May 2009): "A Hostile Takeover"

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