Gerhard Winkler

Religion: not determined yet

Name: Gerhard Winkler

Other Names: Dr. Winkler; Mr. Winkler; Doctor Winkler

Classification: villain villain   scientist scientist  

Publisher(s): Marvel

First Appearance: The Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 1) #59 (Apr. 1968): "The Brand of the Brainwasher!"

Creators: Stan Lee, John Romita, Don Heck, Mike Esposito

Number of Appearances: 4

Enemy of: Norman Osborn, Electro, Vulture, Captain George Stacy

Employer: Osborn Industries
Employer: Kingpin

Occupation: scientist

Worked for: The Owl

Gender: male

Note: brainwashing specialist

Dr. Winkler was a scientist whose specialty was the science of "brainwashing." He developed a technological device (sometimes referred to as a "brainwashing unit" or "Brainwasher") with which he could brainwish people.

Dr. Winkler was employed by Spider-Man's enemy Norman Osborn and his company Osborn Industries. Winkler was actually loyal to the criminal mastermind known as Kingpin, however. Kingpin wanted to use Winkler's technology to brainwash George Stacy and other men of power and influence.

Norman Osborn discovered what his employee was doing and destroyed the technology. In the ensuing explosion, Dr. Winkler was apparently killed.

Dr. Winkler's brainwashing technology was later utilized by the Hobgoblin (another Spider-Man foe) to brainwash Lefty Donovan and Ned Leeds (a co-worker of Spider-Man's alter ego Peter Parker).

Did Dr. Winkler really die when his own device exploded due to the confrontation with Norman Osborn? Apparently not. The nefarious scientist was later seen working for the Owl, a rival to the Kingpin. In the Owl's employ, Dr. Winkler tortured two criminal mercenaries who had betrayed the Owl only to be captured by his people: Electro and the Vulture.

Perhaps more study is merited on the question of whether the Dr. Winkler seen developing the brainwashing device is the same Dr. Winkler who was seen using his scientific and technological prowess in the employ of the Owl. But as far as we know, they are one in the same.

This character is in the following 2 stories which have been indexed by this website:
The Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 1) #59 (Apr. 1968): "The Brand of the Brainwasher!"
Marvel Knights Spider-Man #4 (Sep. 2004): "Down Among the Dead Men: Part Four" (9-panel cameo)

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