Top Dog (Andre LeBeauvier)

Top Dog
Andre LeBeauvier

Religion: not determined yet

Name: Top Dog

Alter Ego: Andre LeBeauvier

Classification: villain villain  

Publisher(s): DC Milestone Media

First Appearance: Hardware #40 (June 1996): "Fathers and Sons"

Creators: Matt Wayne, Eric Battle, Joe Brozowski (as J.J. Birch), Keith Pollard, Caesar Antomattei (as Caesar), Hector Collazo, Rodney Ramos

Super? (Has Super Powers/Special Abilities/Technology): Yes

Number of Appearances: 2

Enemy of: Hardware, Mitchell Metcalf, unnamed informant

Occupation: crime boss

Location: Dakota, USA

Gender: male

Note: has powerful hypnosis power

Summary of Hardware #40 (June 1996), from now-defunct webpage at

Detective Metcalf (Hardware's father) sees one of his informants shoot himself because of Top Dog's hypnotic power. Hardware is testing some new weapons and toys for Hard Co. Curtis's mom calls him concerning his father. Curtis's parents are divorced and he is estranged from both of them. Curtis meets his dad as Hardware. Together they track the Top Dog crime boss. Later Barraki scolds Curtis for not confronting his father as himself. Hardware and Detective Metcalf attack Top Dog's headquarters, where Hardware is hypnotized by Top Dog.

Summary of Hardware #41 (July 1996), from now-defunct webpage at

Hardware breaks free of Top Dog's control before he kills his father Detective Metcalf. Hardware and Detective Metcalf escape Top Dog and then find proof that he has been committing murders all over town. We are introduced to Congresswoman Metcalf, (Curtis's mom). She is the head of a technology wing in congress. Top Dog tries to double-cross Detective Metcalf and Hardware. They end up catching the Top Dog red-pawed!

Top Dog (Andre LeBeauvier) Top Dog (Andre LeBeauvier) Top Dog (Andre LeBeauvier)

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