The University of Michigan

The University of Michigan

Name: The University of Michigan

Other Names: UM; U-M; UMich; U of M; U.M. Michigan; the Catholepistemiad; University of Michigania

Classification: supporting characters supporting characters   group group   real/historical group real/historical group  

Publisher(s): Kitchen Sink Press

Number of Appearances: 5

Type of Organization/Group: college/university

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

Number of group members listed below: 5

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Pub. #
Pamela Jointly Pamela Jointly supporting character
CBR Scale: M Liberal
The University of Michigan
[muckraking liberal columnist; attacks Megaton Man in print]
Kitchen Sink Press 10
Ms. Megaton Man Ms. Megaton Man (Clarissa James) supporting character hero
  black; The University of Michigan
[daughter of Silver Age Megaton Man]
Kitchen Sink Press 6
See-Thru Girl See-Thru Girl (Stella Starlight) hero
  The Megatropolis Quartet; The University of Michigan
[parody of Invisible Woman; had affair w/Megaton Man]
Kitchen Sink Press 8
The University of Michigan The University of Michigan supporting character group real/historical person
    Kitchen Sink Press 5
unnamed college intellectual unnamed college intellectual supporting character
  [befriended Stella Starlight at college] Kitchen Sink Press 2

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