CBS News

CBS News

Name: CBS News

Classification: supporting characters supporting characters   group group   real/historical group real/historical group  

Publisher(s): CBS

Type of Organization/Group: subsidiary

Worked for: CBS

Nation: USA

Number of group members listed below: 6

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Pub. #
Katie Burns supporting character
  [1st app: Captain America (vol. 1) #237 (Sep. 1979)] Marvel 1
CBS News CBS News supporting character group real/historical person
Frank supporting character
  [showed Captain America footage of Sharon Carter dying] Marvel 1
Charles P. Irwin supporting character
  [1st app: The Incredible Hulk Annual #7 (Dec. 1978)] Marvel 4
Sam Reuther supporting character
  [interviewed Captain America about Red Skull's plot] Marvel 6
unnamed newscaster unnamed newscaster supporting character
  [reported on Mars probe (which landed on Gilligan's Island)] CBS 1

This character is in the following story which has been indexed by this website:
Captain America (vol. 1) #237 (Sep. 1979): "From the Ashes..." (7-panel cameo)

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