Name: archaeologists

Classification: supporting characters supporting characters   group group   real/historical group real/historical group  

Type of Organization/Group: occupation

Number of group members listed below: 42

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Pub. #
Aislinn Aislinn villain
CBR Scale: D occult; witch
[1st app: Iron Man (vol. 3) #59 (Nov. 2002)] Marvel 3
Ajak Ajak hero
CBR Scale: M Eternals religion; worshipped by Aztecs and Incans
[servant of Celestials]
Marvel 31
Marlene Alraune Marlene Alraune supporting character
  [longtime girlfriend of Moon Knight; taught art history] Marvel 98
Professor Peter Alraune Sr. Professor Peter Alraune Sr. supporting character scientist
  [father of Moon Knight's girlfriend Marlene] Marvel 2
C.C. Batson supporting character
CBR Scale: S spirit
[father of Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel] DC 4
Blue Diamond Blue Diamond (Elton T. Morrow) hero
  Liberty Legion Marvel Timely 26
Carapax (Conrad Carapax) villain
CBR Scale: S religious
[1st app: Blue Beetle (vol. 7) #1 (June 1986)] DC 11
Dr. Cynthia Chalmers Dr. Cynthia Chalmers supporting character
  [merged mind with Mark II Sentinels because body was dying] Marvel 3
Margo Damian supporting character scientist
CBR Scale: S Eternals religion
[1st app: The Eternals (vol. 1) #1 (July 1976)] Marvel 9
Professor Dibble Professor Dibble supporting character
  [led archaeological dig on Isla Des Demonas] Marvel 1
Digger Dugan supporting character
  [1st app: World's Finest Comics (vol. 1) #189 (Nov. 1969)] DC 2
Richard Easton supporting character scientist
  [Snowbird's father] Marvel 2
Frankie Fisher supporting character scientist
  [Egyptologist; with Reed Richards, Alyssa Moy on excursion] Marvel 3
Garokk the Petrified Man villain clergy/religious leader
CBR Scale: S sun god
[guardian of Magneto; led a death cult] Marvel 4
Gold Digger Gold Digger (Gina Diggers) hero scientist
CBR Scale: S religious (raised)
World Explorers Society
[mother's family was monks and barbarians]
Antarctic Press 124
Lord Robert Greville supporting character scientist
  [son of Fu Manchu's foes Shan Greville and Rima Barton] Marvel 1
Harpi Harpi (Angelika Bal) villain
  The Hybrid DC 15
Dr. Harris supporting character
 indeterminate  [uncovered Black Opals of Ealing in England] DC 1
Indiana Jones Indiana Jones (Dr. Henry Walton Jones, Jr.) hero
CBR Scale: S Christian (denomination unknown); eclectic
[1st app: Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) - film 1 in Indiana Jones series] Lucasfilm Paramount Pictures 243
Ishtar (Sala Nisaba) supporting character
CBR Scale: M Mesopotamian religion
[upholder of good] DC 4
Dr. Hassan Kareem villain scientist
CBR Scale: M Muslim; Egyptian classical religion
[sacrifice self to revive Gog & Magog to attack Israel] Marvel 1
Mr. Kovar supporting character
CBR Scale: R Communist
[Red Star's father] DC 1
Lion-Mane (Ed Dawson) villain
  [mystical meteor named Mithra made a were-lion] DC 17
The Living Monolith The Living Monolith (Ahmet Abdol) villain clergy/religious leader
CBR Scale: S Egyptian classical religion: Cult of the Living Monolith (leader)
Children of the Sun (leader); The Twelve Marvel 46
Cassandra Locke supporting character scientist
  [born on 22nd-Century Earth] Marvel 9
Wayne Logan Wayne Logan supporting character
  [] Marvel 4
Janet Lyton Janet Lyton supporting character
CBR Scale: S occult
[Darkhold seeker; unearthed Modred] Marvel 4
J. Vernon Mann supporting character scientist
CBR Scale: U religious
[1st app: Iron Man (vol. 3) #21 (Oct. 1999)] Marvel 4
Marc supporting character
  [captured, sacrificed by Cult of the Harvester of Eyes] Marvel 1
Multi-Man Multi-Man (Duncan Pramble) villain hero
  Color Queens; Injustice League...  DC 34
Max Parrish supporting character
CBR Scale: S possessed by demon
[possessed by (Ketch) Ghost Rider, spirit of Zarathos] Marvel 3
Phantom Rider Phantom Rider (Hamilton Slade) hero scientist
  The Rangers Marvel 2
Penny Pincer Penny Pincer supporting character
  World Explorers Society Antarctic Press 54
Raptor the Renegade (Simon Janson) villain scientist
CBR Scale: S Native American religion (temporary); possessed by demon
[1st app: Fantastic Four (vol. 1) #394 (Nov. 1994)] Marvel 3
Mariah Romanova Mariah Romanova supporting character scientist
  [1st app: The Warlord (vol. 1) #6 (Apr.-May 1977)] DC 65
Helena Sandsmark Helena Sandsmark supporting character
CBR Scale: U Greco-Roman classical religion
[Wonder Girl's mother (via Zeus)] DC 45
The Scarlet Scarab (Dr. Abdul Faoul) hero
CBR Scale: M Egyptian ultra-nationalist; Egyptian classical religion
[led Sons of the Scarab to oust British, Nazis from Egypt] Marvel 4
Adam Strange Adam Strange hero
CBR Scale: I religious
Forgotten Heroes DC 339
unnamed archaeologist supporting character
CBR Scale: S Neanderthal
[found strange fruit that transformed him into Neanderthal] DC 1
unnamed professor unnamed professor supporting character scientist
  [trapped in the Forever City] Marvel 2
Carlton Vogel supporting character
 indeterminate  [1st app: Action Comics (vol. 1) #30 (Nov. 1940)] DC 1
Grant Whittaker Grant Whittaker supporting character
CBR Scale: S occult
[Darkhold seeker; unearthed Modred] Marvel 4