Name: chemists

Classification: supporting characters supporting characters   group group   real/historical group real/historical group  

Type of Organization/Group: occupation

Number of group members listed below: 33

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Pub. #
Otto Bayer Otto Bayer scientist real/historical person
  [first to synthesize polyurethane plastics] Marvel 1
Belladonna Belladonna (Narda Ravanna) villain scientist
  [1st app: Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #43 (June 1980)] Marvel 1
Dr. Bob Dr. Bob villain scientist
  [created drug ("the Bomb") that transformed Painkiller Jane] Event Comics 1
Cadaver (Arnold Porter) villain scientist
  [brillian chemical engineer] DC Milestone Media 1
The Chemist The Chemist (Miroslav) villain scientist
  [1st app: The Blacklist - Season 1, Episode 1 (23 Sep. 2013)] NBC 1
DePrayve (Winston Redditch) villain scientist
  [1st app: Werewolf by Night (vol. 1) #24 (Dec. 1974)] Marvel 3
Doctor Excess villain scientist
  [1st app: Batman: Family #1 (Dec. 2002)] DC 8
Stephanie Donal Stephanie Donal supporting character scientist
  [mentally controlled by nihilist alien Yandroth] Marvel 1
Deacon Frost Deacon Frost villain scientist
CBR Scale: D vampire religion
[1st app: The Tomb of Dracula (vol. 1) #13 (Oct. 1973)] Marvel 29
George villain scientist
  The Committee Marvel 1
Gnome Gnome (Grant Arden) hero scientist
  Elementals (DC)
[chemical engineer; founder of Arden Chemicals]
DC 2
Professor Carl Grinstead supporting character scientist
  [1st app: Superman (vol. 1) #5 (Summer 1940)] DC 1
Heisenberg Heisenberg (Walter White) villain lead character scientist
  [1st app: Breaking Bad - Season 1, Episode 1 (20 Jan. 2008)] American Movie Classics Sony Pictures 64
William Henry William Henry scientist real/historical person
  [invented a process for preparing magnesia alba] Marvel 1
Human Bomb Human Bomb (Roy Lincoln) hero
  All-Star Squadron; Freedom Fighters Quality 116
Jennings villain scientist
CBR Scale: I manifestly non-religious
[1st app: Detective Comics (vol. 1) #27 (May 1939)] DC 1
Professor B. Lincoln Professor B. Lincoln supporting character scientist
  [father of Roy Lincoln (Human Bomb)] Quality 2
Master of Ceremonies (Professor Jordan) villain scientist
CBR Scale: M witchcraft; Coven leader
The Coven Marvel New Universe 1
Dr. Mindella villain scientist
  [created "Death's Arrow" drug] Marvel 1
Minister Ashe villain clergy/religious leader scientist
CBR Scale: D Hedonist cult: Children of the Dust (leader)
[1st app: Team America #10 (Mar. 1983)] Marvel 1
Monk (Andrew Blodgett Mayfair) hero scientist
  Fabulous Five Street & Smith Gold Key, etc. 4
Louis Pasteur Louis Pasteur scientist real/historical person
CBR Scale: S Catholic
[1st app: Pasteur (1922)] DC 24
Professor Milo (Achilles Milo) villain scientist
  [1st app: Detective Comics (vol. 1) #247 (Sep. 1957)] DC 15
Monica Rappaccini Monica Rappaccini villain scientist
CBR Scale: M Scientism
[mother of Scorpion (Carmilla Black)]
Marvel 17
Comte de Saint Germain Comte de Saint Germain villain real/historical person
CBR Scale: D occult; alchemist; spiritualism; Theosophy
[1st app: Before the Fantastic Four: The Storms #1 (Dec. 2000)] Marvel 16
Gretchen Schwartz Gretchen Schwartz supporting character scientist
  [wealthy friend Walter dated in college] American Movie Classics Sony Pictures 5
David Simons villain scientist
  [killed his boss Herbert Walpole] Marvel UK 1
Prof. Ralph Smedley supporting character scientist
 indeterminate  [invented flareless, noiseless explosive] DC 1
Alfred Stryker villain scientist
CBR Scale: I manifestly non-religious
[1st app: Detective Comics (vol. 1) #27 (May 1939)] DC 1
Margaret Thatcher supporting character scientist real/historical person
CBR Scale: S Methodist (raised); Anglican (convert)
[1st app: Election 74 (1974)] BBC 313
unnamed chemist villain scientist
  [chapter 1] Republic Pictures 1
Daemian Wainscroft supporting character scientist
  [created SS-8 serum which mutated his son Deke] Marvel 4
Professor Winston supporting character scientist
 prob. indeterminate  [developed explosive; Teutonia stole it] Marvel Timely 1