Name: counselors

Classification: supporting characters supporting characters   group group   real/historical group real/historical group  

Type of Organization/Group: occupation

Number of group members listed below: 7

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Pub. #
Wade Brixton Wade Brixton supporting character
  [high school guidance counselor; dated Oracle] WB Warner Brothers 8
Counselor Burchess supporting character
  [1st app: Outsiders (vol. 2) #2 (Dec. 1993)] DC 2
Waldemar Fitzurse Waldemar Fitzurse supporting character
CBR Scale: R Christian (medieval)
[primary counselor to Prince John] Archibald Constable and Company 13
Karen Page Karen Page supporting character
  [was Daredevil's longtime girlfriend] Marvel 223
Red She-Hulk Red She-Hulk (Betty Ross) supporting character
CBR Scale: S Catholic (former novitiate)
Code Red; Home Base... 
[girlfriend (later wife) of Dr. Bruce Banner (the Hulk)]
Marvel 463
Dr. Laura Schlessinger Dr. Laura Schlessinger real/historical person
CBR Scale: M Jewish (former atheist; temporarily in Orthodox Judaism)
[1st app: Joker: Last Laugh #3 (Dec. 2001)] DC 22
James M. Whitemore supporting character
  New York University
[Gravity's student counselor]
Marvel 1