Name: druggies

Classification: supporting characters supporting characters   group group   real/historical group real/historical group  

Type of Organization/Group: occupation

Number of group members listed below: 12

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Pub. #
Bluey villain
  [teen heroin addict; had blue hair] Marvel 1
Dan Brody supporting character
  [Nightmask's old high school friend; had fear of fire] Marvel New Universe 1
Carter supporting character villain
  [heroin addict; reformed and worked at hospital] Marvel 2
Frankie villain
[teen heroin addict]
Marvel 1
Michael Greenwald Michael Greenwald supporting character
  Whelan High School CBS 1
Johnnie villain
  [teen heroin addict] Marvel 1
mutated drug users villain group
  [1st app: Prime (vol. 2) #7 (Apr. 1996)] Marvel Malibu 2
Wendy S. Wendy S. supporting character
  [occasionally does favors for Jesse Pinkman] American Movie Classics Sony Pictures 4
Suzie villain
  [took dangerous drug and killed 2 people] Marvel New Universe 1
tattoo-seeking crackhead villain
  [robbed bank to pay for tattoo of girlfriend] Dynamite Entertainment 1
Trish supporting character
  [Rodney Jung got her addicted to drugs] Marvel New Universe 1
unnamed druggie villain
  [took drug that turned him into a strong, raving monster] Marvel New Universe 1