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invoking deity: excerpts from comics
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invoking deity

BELOW: Donna makes strong feminist statements, which her friends Lori and Carol find unrealistic, saying this isn't about "women's rights": Donna is the most overtly religious character in the group of zombie apocalypse survivors that that Rick Grimes joins up with. In various instances she exhibits strong Christian beliefs. She also appears to hold strong feminist beliefs, as exhibited in a scene where she and two other women from camp head to the creek to do laundry. Note also in this scene that Donna's stand against vulgar and profane language seems to be inconsistent, as she uses both vulgar and profane language here, despite condemning it and avoiding it elsewhere.

Donna makes strong feminist statements, which her friends Lori and Carol find unrealistic, saying this isn't about women's rights

Carol: I can't wait to see how these things smell with the new detergent Glenn got from the city!

Lori: That stuff Dale had in the RV just wasn't working. It made the clothes smell better... But not by much.

Donna: Jesus Christ, will you two listen to yourself?! You're excited about trying out a new detergent?! This is such bulsh--.

Lori: Damn, Donna. We're not throwing a party. I'm just looking forward to the possibility of clean smelling clothes. That's be a welcome change at this point.

Donna: I just don't understand why we're the ones doing laundry while they go off and hunt. When things get back to normal I wonder if we'll still be allowed to vote.

Lori: Are you serious? I don't know about you but I can't shoot a gun... I've never even tried. To be honest... I wouldn't trust any of those guys to wash my clothes. Rick couldn't do with with a washing machine... He'd be lost out here. This isn't about women's rights... It's about being realistic and doing what needs to be done.

Donna: Whatever.

Source: The Walking Dead #3 (Dec. 2003): "Days Gone Bye, Part 3", pg. 11, panels 1-6. Written by Robert Kirkman. Art by Tony Moore. See also: vulgar language; invoking deity; Feminist; Lori Grimes; Donna

BELOW: Rockslide invokes "Holy God!": Young X-Men Rockslide, Wolf Cub and Dust attacked Magma (having been misled by Donald Pierce disguised as Cyclops). Magma super-heated Dust in her sand form, turning her to glass. Rockslide, a nominal Catholic, utters "Holy God!" in shock and perhaps as an unconscious prayer. Coincidentally, the "glassified" Dust (who is a Muslim) appears in this panel remarkably like a statue of the Virgin Mary. This is probably unintentional.

Rockslide invokes Holy God!

Source: Young X-Men #3 (Aug. 2008): "LifeDeath", pg. 9, panel 2. Written by Marc Guggenheim. Art by Kris Justice, Ray Snyder, Yanick Paquette. See also: invoking deity; Catholic; Rockslide (Santo Vaccarro)