Avengers Assemble (vol. 1) #1 (July 2010)

Avengers Assemble (vol. 1) #1

Medium: comic

Cover date: July 2010

Publisher: Marvel

113 characters in this story:

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Pub. #
Spider-Man Spider-Man (Peter Parker) hero scientist
CBR Scale: I Protestant
Secret Defenders; Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends...  Marvel 10,664
Captain America Captain America (Steve Rogers) hero
CBR Scale: I Protestant
Redeemers; Secret Defenders...  Marvel Timely 5,992
The Hulk The Hulk (Bruce Banner) hero scientist
CBR Scale: I Catholic (lapsed)
Hulkbusters; Pantheon...  Marvel 4,551
Iron Man Iron Man (Tony Stark) hero
CBR Scale: I futurist; technophile; mostly secular; sometimes prays; Alcoholics Anonymous
Force Works; Illuminati...  Marvel 5,673
Thor Thor (Donald Blake) hero deity
CBR Scale: D Norse/Teutonic deity
Asgardian; Cosmic Avengers...  Marvel 4,362
The Sub-Mariner The Sub-Mariner (Namor) hero
CBR Scale: S Atlantean Greco-Roman
classical religion
Atlantean; Dark X-Men...  Marvel 1,864
Giant-Man Hank Pym hero scientist
CBR Scale: U atheist
Commission on Superhuman Activities; Secret Defenders...  Marvel 1,543
Wolverine Wolverine (James Howlett / Logan) hero
CBR Scale: S raised Protestant; sometimes atheist; has practiced Buddhism; skeptical seeker
Alpha Flight; Brotherhood of Mutant Supremacy...  Marvel 10,615
Scarlet Witch Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff) hero
CBR Scale: M Gypsy/Roma; ethnic half Jewish; sorceress
A-Next; Brotherhood of Mutants...  Marvel 1,624
Quicksilver Quicksilver (Pietro Maximoff) villain hero
CBR Scale: I Gypsy/Roma; ethnic half Jewish; sometimes mutant supremacist
Brotherhood of Mutants; The Avengers...  Marvel 944
The Wasp The Wasp (Janet van Dyne) hero
CBR Scale: U Dutch Reformed (nominal); atheist
Lady Liberators; The Avengers...  Marvel 1,339
Hawkeye Hawkeye (Clint Barton) hero
CBR Scale: U Christian (denomination
Chain Gang; The Avengers...  Marvel 1,515
Vision Vision hero
CBR Scale: MCBR Scale: I synthezoid; Catholic (temporary)
A-Next; Galactic Guardians...  Marvel 1,393
Captain Marvel Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers) hero
CBR Scale: I Protestant
Operation: Lightning Storm (leader); Starjammers...  Marvel 784
She-Hulk She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters) hero
CBR Scale: I Christian (denomination
unknown) - nominal
Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg-ampersand-Holliway; Heroes for Hire...  Marvel 952
Tigra Tigra (Greer Grant) hero scientist
CBR Scale: S mystically empowered
Cat People; Counter Force...  Marvel 310
Hercules Hercules hero deity
CBR Scale: D Greco-Roman classical religion
Heroes for Hire; Olympian...  DC Marvel 1,029
Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes hero
CBR Scale: U Protestant (nominal)
Kid Commandos; Liberty Legion...  Marvel Timely 395
Norman Osborn Iron Patriot (Norman Osborn) villain
CBR Scale: U manifestly non-religious
Cabal of Scrier (leader); Dark Avengers (leader)...  Marvel 417
Ares Ares villain hero deity
CBR Scale: D Greco-Roman deity
Dark Avengers; Olympian... 
[god of war; Gods of Olympus]
Marvel DC 440
Sentry Sentry (Bob Reynolds) villain hero
CBR Scale: S angel
Dark Avengers; The Avengers Marvel 260
Moonstone Moonstone (Karla Sofen) villain hero
CBR Scale: U Buddhist
Dark Avengers; Femizons...  Marvel 235
The Scorpion Scorpion (Mac Gargan) villain hero
CBR Scale: U manifestly non-religious
Dark Avengers; Initiative...  Marvel 315
Bullseye Bullseye (Benjamin Poindexter) villain
CBR Scale: I Catholic (nominal); nihilist
Dark Avengers; The Thunderbolts
[former baseball pitcher]
Marvel 243
Daken Daken (Daken Akihiro) villain
CBR Scale: S Shinto (raised); later "non-religious"
Asian; Dark Avengers... 
[son of Wolverine]
Marvel 72
Captain Marvel Captain Marvel (Noh-Varr) hero clergy/religious leader
CBR Scale: S Kree religion (former
Dark Avengers; Kree
[was operative of 18th Kree Diplomatic Gestalt]
Marvel 100
H.A.M.M.E.R. H.A.M.M.E.R. supporting character group
  [government agency] Marvel 207
Spider-Woman Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) hero
CBR Scale: I Wundagorian Transhumanism
(raised); HYDRA (former)
Heroes for Hire; HYDRA...  Marvel 353
Mockingbird Mockingbird (Bobbi Morse) hero
  S.H.I.E.L.D.; The Avengers... 
[was Hawkeye's wife]
Marvel 293
Bengal Bengal (Duc No Tranh) villain hero
CBR Scale: S vengeance
Asian; Shadow Initiative...  Marvel 30
Komodo Komodo (Melati Kusuma) hero
  Asian; Initiative...  Marvel 38
Marrina Marrina (Marrina Smallwood) hero
CBR Scale: M alien
Alpha Flight; Beta Flight...  Marvel 64
Justice Justice (Vance Astrovik) hero
CBR Scale: S Jewish (half)
Counter Force; Initiative: Camp Hammond (staff)...  Marvel 291
Rage Rage (Elvin Daryl Haliday) hero
CBR Scale: S Protestant
black; Counter Force...  Marvel 157
Patriot Patriot (Eli Bradley) hero
  black; Young Avengers Marvel 114
Stature Stature (Cassie Lang) hero
  A-Next; Mighty Avengers...  Marvel 137
Hulkling Hulkling (Teddy Altman) hero
  Young Avengers Marvel 123
Wiccan Wiccan (Billy Kaplan) hero
CBR Scale: I Reform Judaism
Young Avengers Marvel 106
Man-Eater Man-Eater (Malcolm Murphy) hero
CBR Scale: M half-man/half-tiger (merged)
Initiative; Intruders...  Marvel 14
Loki villain deity
CBR Scale: D Norse/Teutonic deity
Asgardian; Mighty Avengers (founder)...  Marvel DC 696
Mimic Mimic (Calvin Rankin) villain hero
  Brotherhood of Mutants; Dark X-Men...  Marvel 169
Cloud 9 Cloud 9 (Abigail Boylen) hero
  Initiative: Freedom Force; Initiative Marvel 34
Jewel Jessica Jones hero
  New Avengers (ally) Marvel 139
U.S. Agent U.S. Agent (John Walker) hero
CBR Scale: S Evangelical Protestant
Force Works; Omega Flight...  Marvel 333
Alpha Primitives Alpha Primitives supporting character group
CBR Scale: I Alpha Primitives
[hidden race; slave] Marvel 32
Maria Hill Maria Hill supporting character
[Deputy commander of S.H.I.E.L.D. (former commander)]
Marvel 196
The Gauntlet The Gauntlet (Sgt. Joseph Green) hero
CBR Scale: U Christian (denomination
black; Counter Force...  Marvel 48
Baron von Blitzschlag Baron von Blitzschlag (Wener von Blitzschlag) supporting character villain
CBR Scale: M Nazi
Initiative Marvel 35
Hardball Hardball (Roger Brokeridge) hero
  Initiative Marvel 12
Trauma Trauma (Terry Ward) hero
  Shadow Initiative Marvel 24
MVP MVP (Michael van Patrick) hero
  Counter Force; Initiative Marvel 23
Red Guardian Red Guardian (Alexei Shostakov) villain
CBR Scale: S Communist
[1st app: The Avengers (vol. 1) #43 (Aug. 1967)] Marvel 21
Prodigy Prodigy (Ritchie Gilmore) hero
  Initiative: Heavy Hitters; Slingers Marvel 51
Starhawk Starhawk (Stakar Vaughn) hero
  Cosmic Avengers; Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel 114
Amadeus Cho Amadeus Cho hero
  Mighty Avengers; Renegades Marvel 31
Ymir Ymir villain
CBR Scale: D Norse/Teutonic paganism
Ice Giant
[monarch of the Ice Giants]
Marvel 69
The Unspoken The Unspoken villain
CBR Scale: S Inhuman religion
[king] Marvel 5
Super-Adaptoid Super-Adaptoid villain
CBR Scale: I N.A.
A.I.M.; Heavy Metal Marvel 72
Quake Quake (Daisy Johnson) hero
  S.H.I.E.L.D.; Secret Warriors...  Marvel 44
Skyhawk Skyhawk (Winston Manchester) hero
CBR Scale: M Egyptian classical religion
Earth Force Marvel 15
Dreamguard Dreamguard (Willie Walkaway) hero
CBR Scale: D Australian Aboriginal religion
[1st app: Force Works #9 (Mar. 1995)] Marvel 3
Jinku villain clergy/religious leader
CBR Scale: M Lava Men witch-doctor; magic
[1st app: The Avengers (vol. 1) #5 (May 1964)] Marvel 7
Duane Freeman Duane Freeman supporting character
CBR Scale: D Triune Understanding
[Avengers government liason]
Marvel 14
Raymond Sikorsky Raymond Sikorsky supporting character
  Commission on Superhuman Activities Marvel 28
Commander America hero
  Cosmic Avengers Marvel 3
Jhen the Gammazon hero
  Cosmic Avengers
[clone of She-Hulk]
Marvel 3
Tachyon Torch (Jim Storm) hero
  Cosmic Avengers Marvel 3
Gladiatrix Gladiatrix (Robin Braxton) villain hero
  Anti-Registration Underground; Femizons...  Marvel 13
Egghead Egghead (Elihas Starr) villain
  Emissaries of Evil (Egghead); The Masters of Evil Marvel 48
Black Knight Black Knight (Sir Percy of Scandia) hero
CBR Scale: M Christian (medieval) and Druidism
Knights of the Round Table
[served in King Arthur's army]
Atlas Marvel 37
Gremlin villain
CBR Scale: D Nazi
[Nazi-created synthezoid terrorist.] Marvel 4
The Voice The Voice (Jason Lorne Cragg) villain
CBR Scale: M Communist
Skeleton Crew Marvel 10
Libra Libra (Gustav Brandt) villain
  Zodiac (Cartel) Marvel 46
Whiz Kid Whiz Kid hero
  Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg-ampersand-Holliway; Initiative: Liberteens Marvel 2
Ace Ace hero
[partner of One-Eyed Jacquie (known together as Blackjack)]
Marvel 4
One-Eyed Jacquie One-Eyed Jacquie hero
[partner of Ace (known together as Blackjack)]
Marvel 4
Alioth the Usurper Alioth the Usurper villain
CBR Scale: D extra-temporal primordial
[] Marvel 5
Gorilla Girl Gorilla Girl (Fahnbullah Eddy) hero
  Freaks; Initiative: Camp Hammond Marvel 23
Dionysus supporting character villain
CBR Scale: M Greco-Roman classical
religion; artificial lifeform
[satyr-like creation of ISAAC, based on Olympian God of Wine] Marvel 4
Boraku villain
CBR Scale: R Lava Men religion
[used in Jinku's Firebringer plot] Marvel 1
Krotok villain
CBR Scale: R Lava Men religion
[used in Jinku's Firebringer plot] Marvel 1
Styrak villain
CBR Scale: R Lava Men religion
Lava Men
[used in Jinku's Firebringer plot]
Marvel 1
Elysius hero
CBR Scale: U Eternals religion
Eternals of Titan; Eternal
[Genis-Vell's mother; ISAAC's former lieutenant]
Marvel 8
ISAAC ISAAC (Integral Synaptic Anti Anionic Computer) supporting character
CBR Scale: I N.A.
[1st app: Captain Marvel (vol. 1) #32 (May 1974)] Marvel 80
Geiger Geiger (Delilah Deerborn) hero
  Empire State University; Initiative...  Marvel 17
Ragnarok villain
CBR Scale: M Norse/Teutonic paganism
[android clone of Thor]
Marvel 25
Lord Chaos Lord Chaos supporting character
CBR Scale: D cosmic entity
[embodiment of chaos; "metaphysical and abstract" being] Marvel 10
Lava Man (Molto) supporting character villain
CBR Scale: R Lava Men religion
Lava Men
[benevolent; pawn of Loki]
Marvel 3
Zack Moonhunter Zack Moonhunter supporting character
CBR Scale: I Native American
The Avengers (staff)
[personal pilot for Captain America]
Marvel 20
Bova Bova supporting character
CBR Scale: I uplifted animal
cattle; New Men Marvel 42
Hellfire Hellfire (J.T. Slade) hero
  Secret Warriors
[grandson of the Phantom Rider]
Marvel 15
Leonard Tippit supporting character
  [criminal] Marvel 1
Trickshot (Buck Chisolm) supporting character
  [ex-mentor/ally of Hawkeye] Marvel 13
Arkon villain
CBR Scale: I alien
[Imperion of Polemachus] Marvel 80
Proctor Proctor (Dane Whitman) villain
CBR Scale: M vengeance
Gatherers (leader)
[seeker of vengeance]
Marvel 8
The Elfqueen (Linnea) villain
CBR Scale: D sorceress
[lived over 10,000 years in secluded glade in Virginia] Marvel 2
Forever Man (Morgan MacNeil Hardy) villain
CBR Scale: I Egyptian classical religion (past life); Gaian?; morally conservative American patriot
[industrialist; inventor] Marvel 3
Big Zero Big Zero (Amity) villain
  Young Masters of Evil Marvel 5
Coat of Arms Coat of Arms villain
  Young Masters of Evil Marvel 5
Egghead Egghead villain
  Young Masters of Evil Marvel 5
Enchantress Enchantress (Sylvie Lushton) villain
CBR Scale: S Norse/Teutonic paganism
Young Masters of Evil Marvel 5
Executioner Executioner (Danny DuBois) villain
  Young Masters of Evil Marvel 5
Melter Melter (Christopher) villain
  Young Masters of Evil Marvel 5
Ban-Luck Ban-Luck hero
  G.R.A.M.P.A. Marvel 3
Lava Men Lava Men villain group
CBR Scale: S Lava Men religion
[hidden race] Marvel 35
Special Agent Murch supporting character
[first liason between Avengers and U.S. government]
Marvel 10
Dr. Myron MacLain Dr. Myron MacLain supporting character scientist
[invented Adamantium; designed Captan America's shield]
Marvel 9
Imus Champion Imus Champion villain
  [entrepreneur; industrialist] Marvel 10
Sunstreak Sunstreak (Andrea Roarke) villain hero
  Force of Nature; Initiative...  Marvel 32
Charles Magnus supporting character
CBR Scale: D Celtic pagan sorcerer; ghost
[Morgan le Fay's former student/lover] Marvel 21
King of the Lava Men (Basallo) villain
CBR Scale: M Lava Men religion
Lava Men Marvel 6
Phone Ranger (A.G. Bell) hero
CBR Scale: M obsessed with telephones
[avenges dead telephones] Marvel 3
G.R.A.M.P.A. supporting character group

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