Icon #28 (Aug. 1995):
by Dwayne McDuffie, M. D. Bright, Mike Gustovich, Prentis Rollins

Icon #28

Title: “Apostrophe”

Medium: comic

Cover date: Aug. 1995

Publisher: DC Milestone Media
Written by: Dwayne McDuffie
Art by: M. D. Bright, Mike Gustovich, Prentis Rollins

6 characters in this story:

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Pub. #
Icon Icon (Augustus Freeman)
(lead character)
CBR Scale: I alien
The Shadow Cabinet DC Milestone Media 73
Rocket Rocket (Raquel Ervin) hero
  black; The Shadow Cabinet... 
[Icon's partner]
DC Milestone Media 58
Static Static (Virgil Hawkins) hero
  black; Heroes...  DC Milestone Media 148
Thomasina Jefferson Thomasina Jefferson
supporting character
  black DC Milestone Media 14
Daisy Watkins Daisy Watkins supporting character
  black; Ernest Hemingway High School
[Static's girlfriend]
DC Milestone Media 41
Blood Syndicate Blood Syndicate
hero group
  [gang] DC Milestone Media 61

Summary (from

Icon becomes the spokesperson for Utopia Park and Rocket is angry with him for doing that. Raquel meets Virgil Hawkins and Daisy. Virgil tips off Raquel that he is actually Static. Icon confronts some youths who are angry about Utopia Park and Rocket interrupts. Rocket and Icon face off over the Utopia Park issue.