Mystique #1 (June 2003):
“Dead Drop Gorgeous: Part 1”
by Brian K. Vaughan, Jorge Lucas

Mystique #1

Title: “Dead Drop Gorgeous: Part 1”

Medium: comic

Cover date: June 2003

Publisher: Marvel
Written by: Brian K. Vaughan
Art by: Jorge Lucas

11 characters in this story:

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and his/her religious practice, affiliation, etc.)
Pub. #
Mystique Mystique (Raven Darkholme)
(lead character)
villain hero
CBR Scale: S mutant supremacist; manifestly non-religious
Brotherhood of Mutants; Dark X-Men...  Marvel 451
Phoenix Jean Grey hero
CBR Scale: I Episcopalian
Metro College; The Twelve...  Marvel 1,905
Professor X Professor X (Charles Xavier) hero scientist
CBR Scale: S religious
Brotherhood of Mutants; Genoshan Excalibur...  Marvel 4,999
Forge Forge (Jonathon Silvercloud) hero
CBR Scale: M Native American shamanism
Brotherhood of Mutant Supremacy; Native American...  Marvel 394
Steinbeck villain
  [leader of own crime organization] Marvel 11
The Quiet Man Agent 16 (Prudence Leighton) villain
  The Mutant Underground; X-Corporation Marvel 5
Ted Koppel supporting character real/historical person
CBR Scale: I Jewish
[news anchor] Marvel DC, etc. 99
unnamed A.I.D. agent supporting character
  [intelligence agent] Marvel 1
Dr. Connolly Dr. Connolly
(someone disguised or dressed as)
supporting character scientist
  [invented device that can be used to track shapeshifters] Marvel 1
Shortpack Shortpack
(voice only)
supporting character
  The Mutant Underground Marvel 21
Johnny Kitano
(behind the scenes)
supporting character
[mutant who fights against mutant terrorism]
Marvel 4