Bone #6 (Nov. 1992):
“Phoney’s Inferno”
by Jeff Smith

Bone #6

Title: “Phoney’s Inferno”

Medium: comic

Cover date: Nov. 1992

Publisher: Cartoon Books
Written by: Jeff Smith
Art by: Jeff Smith

15 characters in this story:

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and his/her religious practice, affiliation, etc.)
Pub. #
Fone Bone Fone Bone
(lead character)
lead character
  [1st app: Bone #1 (July 1991)] Cartoon Books Image 67
Phoney Bone Phoney Bone (Phoncible P. Bone) supporting character
  Bone Family Cartoon Books Image 41
Smiley Bone Smiley Bone supporting character
  Bone Family Cartoon Books Image 43
The Great Red Dragon The Great Red Dragon supporting character
CBR Scale: D dragon
[1st app: Bone #1 (July 1991)] Cartoon Books 16
Thorn Thorn (Thorn Harvester) supporting character
  [a "veni-yan-cari" (an awakened one)] Cartoon Books 51
Gran'ma Ben Gran'ma Ben (Rose Harvester) supporting character
CBR Scale: S religious
[farmer; queen] Cartoon Books 46
The Hooded One (Briar Harvestar) villain clergy/religious leader
CBR Scale: M religious
[former Veni Yan warrior] Cartoon Books 11
Lucius Down supporting character
  [bartender; business owner] Cartoon Books 28
Jonathan Oaks supporting character
  [1st app: Bone #6 (Nov. 1992)] Cartoon Books 17
(mentioned, pg. 15, panel 2) 
CBR Scale: I N.A.
sperm whale
[giant, albino sperm whale]
Gold Key Acclaim, etc. 37
(mentioned, pg. 15, panel 1) 
supporting character
  [sailor] Gold Key Acclaim, etc. 14
Rat Creatures Rat Creatures
villain group
CBR Scale: M Rat Creatures
[hidden race; soldier] Cartoon Books 10
(mentioned, pg. 15, panel 1) 
supporting character clergy/religious leader
CBR Scale: S Congregationalist (deacon)
[Deacon at First Congregational Church of New Bedford, MA] Gold Key Acclaim, etc. 13
"Big" Johnson Bone
(mentioned, pg. 8, panels 3-4) 
supporting character
  [founder of Boneville; ancestor of Fone Bone] Cartoon Books 1
Miss Crab-Bone
(mentioned, pg. 9, panel 3) 
supporting character
  [Fone Bone's 1st grade teacher] Cartoon Books 1