X-Factor (vol. 3) #39 (Mar. 2009):
“Multiple Birth”
by Peter David, Valentine de Landro, Craig Yeung

X-Factor (vol. 3) #39

Title: “Multiple Birth”

Medium: comic

Cover date: Mar. 2009

Publisher: Marvel
Written by: Peter David
Art by: Valentine de Landro, Craig Yeung

17 characters in this story:

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and his/her religious practice, affiliation, etc.)
Pub. #
Rictor Rictor (Julio Esteban Richter) hero
Hispanic; The New Mutants...  Marvel 211
M M (Monet St. Croix) hero
CBR Scale: S Muslim
black; Generation X...  Marvel 205
Multiple Man Multiple Man (Jamie Madrox) hero
CBR Scale: I Episcopalian; Buddhist
Brotherhood of Mutant Supremacy; Fallen Angels...  Marvel 257
Strong Guy Strong Guy (Guido Carosella) hero
CBR Scale: I Catholic (lapsed)
X-Factor; X-Ternals Marvel 233
Siryn Siryn (Theresa Cassidy) hero
CBR Scale: S Catholic
Fallen Angels; X-Corporation...  Marvel 162
Longshot Longshot hero
CBR Scale: S Mojoworld television worship
Brotherhood of Mutant Supremacy; The Exiles...  Marvel 204
Darwin Darwin (Armando Munoz) hero
  Hispanic; X-Factor Investigations...  Marvel 52
Valerie Cooper Valerie Cooper supporting character
  Commission on Superhuman Activities; S.T.A.R.S....  Marvel 253
Sean Cassidy supporting character
CBR Scale: I Catholic
[infant "son" of Madrox and Siryn; actually a Madrox "dupe"] Marvel 1
Dr. Laramie supporting character
 indeterminate  [delivered "baby" (actually a dupe) of Madrox and Siryn] Marvel 1
unnamed midwife
(7-panel cameo)
supporting character
 indeterminate  [helped deliver "baby" of Siryn and Madrox] Marvel 1
unnamed nurse
(5-panel cameo)
supporting character
 indeterminate  [black; helped deliver "baby" of Madrox and Siryn] Marvel 1
Hector Munoz
(3-panel cameo)
supporting character
  [father of X-Man code-named "Darwin"] Marvel 3
(2-panel cameo)
supporting character
 indeterminate  O.N.E.
[stood guard over Valerie Cooper in hosptal]
Marvel 1
Banshee Banshee (Sean Cassidy)
CBR Scale: S Catholic
Factor Three; Generation X (teacher)...  Marvel 1,340
Songbird Songbird (Melissa Joan Gold)
villain hero
CBR Scale: S Jewish
Femizons; Grapplers...  Marvel 229
Mr. Maru
  [head of The Karma Project] Marvel 4