The Crocodile Hunter (Steve Irwin)

The Religious Affiliation of
The Crocodile Hunter
Steve Irwin

Religion: religious (believes in God) CBR Scale: I

Name: The Crocodile Hunter

Alter Ego: Steve Irwin

Other Names: Stephen Robert Irwin

Classification: real/historical person real/historical person  

Publisher(s): DC

Earliest Appearance Listed in This Database: Joker: Last Laugh #5 (Dec. 2001): "Mad, Mad World"

Creators: Chuck Dixon, Scott Beatty, Ron Randall

Number of Appearances: 149

   Comic Book Appearances: 1

   TV, Film Appearances: 3

   TV, Film Appearances As Himself: 145

Ally: Terri Irwin

Occupation: TV host, zoologist

Birth Place: Essendon, Australia

Gender: male

Steve Irwin was tragically killed by a stingray while filming a segment for his TV series.

There is an oblique reference to Steve Irwin, the "Crocodile Hunter" in Joker: Last Laugh #5 (Dec. 2001). In this story, Robin (Tim Drake) has been captured by escaped super-villains. Killer Croc has taken Robin away, proclaiming his intention to eat the young hero. The superheroine Huntress is hot on their trail, talking to Oracle via telecommunications link. Huntress, tracks them to Gotham Cathedral and then below the edifice, where she sees flowing water, part of the sewage or drainage system for the city. She notes the water way to Oracle, who offers a tip about crocodiles.

Oracle tells Huntress, "If there's water, then Croc is close. He's not a crocodile, but he imitates one. He drowns his prey. Saves them for later."

Huntress interrupts, saying, "I have cable. Just call me Crocodile Huntress."

In this brief quip, the Huntress has replaced the word "Hunter" with her own name ("Huntress") in the title of Steve Irwin's syndicated TV show "Crocodile Hunter." It was while watching "Crocodile Hunter" that Huntress learned about how crocodiles drag their prey under water to drown them and them save the prey to eat later. Huntress assumes that Oracle watched the same show and learned this tidbit from that program as well.

This character is in the following story which has been indexed by this website:
Joker: Last Laugh #5 (Dec. 2001): "Mad, Mad World" (mentioned)

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