Captain America (vol. 1) #189 (Sep. 1975):
“Arena For a Fallen Hero!”
by Tony Isabella, Frank Robbins, Frank Chiaramonte

Captain America (vol. 1) #189

Title: “Arena For a Fallen Hero!”

Medium: comic

Cover date: Sep. 1975

Publisher: Marvel
Written by: Tony Isabella
Art by: Frank Robbins, Frank Chiaramonte

25 characters in this story:

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and his/her religious practice, affiliation, etc.)
Pub. #
Captain America Captain America (Steve Rogers)
(lead character)
CBR Scale: I Protestant
Redeemers; Secret Defenders...  Marvel Timely 5,992
Falcon Falcon (Sam Wilson) hero
CBR Scale: S Baptist
black; SHIELD Super-Agents...  Marvel 531
Nightshade Nightshade (Tilda Johnson)
villain scientist
  Femizons; MODOK's 11 Marvel 43
S.H.I.E.L.D. S.H.I.E.L.D. supporting character group
  [government agency; intelligence agency...] Marvel 1,188
Contessa Valentina Contessa Valentina supporting character
  Femme Force; S.H.I.E.L.D. Marvel 146
Redwing Redwing hero
CBR Scale: I N.A.
falcon; Pet Avengers
[falcon; partner of Falcon (Sam Wilson)]
Marvel 128
Eric Koenig Eric Koenig hero
CBR Scale: S Nazi (former)
S.H.I.E.L.D.; The Howling Commandos Marvel 35
Jeff Cochren supporting character
[was briefly SHIELD co-director]
Marvel 4
Red Skull Red Skull (Johann Schmidt)
(cover & 3-panel cameo, pg. 1, 4-5) 
CBR Scale: D Nazi
Axis Mundi; HYDRA... 
[Captain America's arch-nemy]
Marvel 298
Nazis Nazis
(1-panel cameo, pg. 1) 
villain group real/historical person
CBR Scale: D Nazi
[generic WWII Nazis] Timely Marvel, etc. 4,222
Dredmund Druid Dredmund Druid (Dredmund Cromwell)
(1-panel cameo, pg. 1) 
villain clergy/religious leader
CBR Scale: D Druidism; cult leader
[] Marvel 15
Radioactive Man Radioactive Man (Dr. Chen Lu)
(hallucination, pg. 7-9) 
villain hero
CBR Scale: U Communist Buddhist
Asian; People's Defense Force...  Marvel 187
Baron Zemo Baron Zemo (Dr. Heinrich Zemo)
(hallucination, pg. 11, panels 1-5) 
villain scientist
CBR Scale: M Nazi
The Masters of Evil (founder); Thunderbolts (Counter-Earth) Marvel 121
The Executioner The Executioner (Skurge)
(hallucination, pg. 7-9) 
CBR Scale: R Norse/Teutonic paganism
Asgardian; Mandarin's Minions...  Marvel 110
Enchantress Enchantress (Amora)
(hallucination, pg. 7-12) 
CBR Scale: M Norse/Teutonic deity
Asgardian; Lady Liberators (founder)...  Marvel 264
Black Knight Black Knight (Nathan Garrett)
(hallucination, pg. 7-9) 
villain scientist
  The Masters of Evil Marvel 32
The Melter The Melter (Bruno Horgan)
(hallucination, pg. 7-9) 
  Death Squad; The Masters of Evil Marvel 90
Hellhorse Hellhorse
(hallucination, pg. 7-9) 
CBR Scale: I N.A.
[genetically mutated winged black horse]
Marvel 16
giant spiders
(hallucination, pg. 5-6) 
villain group
CBR Scale: R N.A.
[created by Yellow Claw; battled Cap in NYC]
Marvel 2
Nick Fury Nick Fury
(mentioned, pg. 2, panels 2-3) 
CBR Scale: U secular
black; S.H.I.E.L.D....  Marvel 1,898
Winter Soldier Bucky (Bucky Barnes)
(mentioned, pg. 11, panel 4) 
CBR Scale: U Protestant (nominal)
Kid Commandos; Liberty Legion...  Marvel Timely 395
Gabriel Jones Gabriel Jones
(mentioned, pg. 2, panel 3) 
CBR Scale: U Christian (denomination
black; Godzilla Squad...  Marvel 125
Peggy Carter Peggy Carter
(mentioned, pg. 2, panel 3) 
supporting character
  S.H.I.E.L.D.; The Avengers (staff)
[Captain America's WWII-era girlfriend; Agent 13's sister]
Marvel 72
Doctor Faustus (Johann Fennhoff)
(mentioned, pg. 6-7, 9, 11-14) 
CBR Scale: S Nazi / Freudian
National Force (founder); The Corporation
[led own gang]
Marvel 61
Yellow Claw Yellow Claw (Plan Tzu)
(mentioned, pg. 5, panel 6) 
CBR Scale: M Chinese traditional religion; alchemist; occult
[leader of own crime organization] Marvel Atlas 15