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greed: excerpts from comics
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BELOW: Spinach was simply greedy: The "brilliant mixologist" known only as "Spinach" successfully captured She-Hulk and the Hulk, created a nasal spray that temporarily imbues people with super strength, and staged a battle with the Hulk -- all out of greed. He desired publicity which he thought would help popularize his product. After the Hulk defeated him and Thunderbolt Ross captured him, "Spinach" said: "Be sure to tell everyone what you saw here. This green stuff is going to make me a lot of green... once I get back on my feet."

Spinach was simply greedy

Source: Marvel Double-Shot #1 (Jan. 2003): "Spinach", pg. 10, panels 3-5. Written by Rob Haynes. Art by Rob Haynes. See also: greed; Spinach

BELOW: Captain America believes in the American people; he accuses Tony Stark of believing only in his "bank balance":

"...Who are 'the people,' anyway?"

"They're the ones I rode a Nazi rocket for," Steve said, moving even closer to Tony [Stark]. "They're the ones I got shot up with experimental chemicals for. They're the ones I pledge my life to, and if you're about to say that they don't know who I am and don't care what I've done, I'm here to tell you that doesn't matter. I believe in them. You don't believe in a damn thing except your bank balance."

"The people, huh?" Tony said. "Shouldn't you say der Volk?"

Faster than Fury could see, Steve leveled Tony with a pile-driver right hand...

Source: The Ultimates: Against All Enemies (2007), pg. 84. Written by Alex Irvine. See also: belief; greed; patriotism; Captain America (Steve Rogers); Iron Man (Tony Stark); Nazis