Scarlet Spider (vol. 2) #12.1 (Feb. 2013):
“The Mark”
by Chris Yost, Paulo Siqueira, Neil Edwards, Khoi Pham, etc.

Scarlet Spider (vol. 2) #12.1

Title: “The Mark”

Medium: comic

Cover date: Feb. 2013

Publisher: Marvel
Written by: Chris Yost
Art by: Paulo Siqueira, Neil Edwards, Khoi Pham, Victor Olazaba, Tom Palmer

16 characters in this story:

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and his/her religious practice, affiliation, etc.)
Pub. #
Scarlet Spider Scarlet Spider (Kaine)
(lead character)
villain hero
  [murderer; unstable clone of Peter Parker] Marvel 90
The Hand The Hand villain group
CBR Scale: D Ninjutsu
[1st app: Daredevil (vol. 1) #174 (Sep. 1981)] Marvel 155
Arranger Arranger (Oswald P. Silkworth) villain
  [secretary] Marvel 27
Carlos Lobo Carlos Lobo villain
  Los Hermanos de la Luna (leader) Marvel 4
Annabelle Adams Annabelle Adams supporting character
  [girlfriend of Scarlet Spider (Kaine)] Marvel 12
Aracely Penalba Aracely Penalba supporting character
CBR Scale: M Aztec
[mind reader; host to Aztec god Huitzilopochtli]
Marvel 18
Wally Layton Wally Layton supporting character
[convinced Kaine to stay in Houston and become a hero] Marvel 14
The Houston Police Department The Houston Police Department supporting character group real/historical person
  [police department] Marvel 5
Four Seasons Hotel Houston Four Seasons Hotel Houston supporting character group real/historical person
  [hotel/motel/inn] Marvel 5
The Mark The Mark (Mark Tomanaga) villain
CBR Scale: S Ninjutsu
Asian; The Hand
[1st appears and dies in same story]
Marvel 1
Bruiser villain
  [his costume is labelled with logos of groups he works for] Marvel 7
Esme Lobo Esme Lobo villain
[sister of mutant criminal Carlos Lobo]
Marvel 4
Officer Hernandez supporting character
  Hispanic Marvel 1
unnamed sex slave unnamed sex slave supporting character
  [escaped; tracked down, killed by Mark Tomanaga] Marvel 1
The Kingpin The Kingpin (Wilson Fisk)
CBR Scale: U Catholic (lapsed)
HYDRA Marvel 619
supporting character
  [1st app: Scarlet Spider (vol. 2) #12.1 (Feb. 2013)] Marvel 1